How To Find If Melanoma Has Already Captive You?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : May 18, 2021

Recently it was observed that melanoma which is a life-threatening disease also a type of skin cancer was found to be developed under and around the toenail and fingernail. Though such incidents are uncommon, they could still be observed in the case of older individuals with a darker complexion.

How To Find If Melanoma Has Already Captive You?

An incidence like this becomes more common if there is already existing a genetic history of such nail trauma and melanoma likewise diseases.  In Mass Norway dermatologist who is broad certified know as Dr. Skylar Souyoul has stated that early detection of Melanoma fingertips or toenail can be treated much easier and can save the life of a patient.

How To Find If Melanoma Has Already Captive You?

He has further added by saying now when it comes to early detection and a stage in which it can be easily treated it becomes a must to know how to find out if you are suffering from it and regular checking of nails and observing of some things carefully. He also mentioned some of the things to keep a check on nails.

The very first thing which you could easily observe if you are suffering from Melanoma or nail trauma is the Dark streak. Now, what are they all about? Dark Streets generally develop in the thumbnail or toes which are a little big but could be observed on any other nails too in certain cases these are what type of Black or Brown band. Sometimes you could also observe the irregular, wide, narrow, and dark colors of bands on your nail.

It is also observed that dark colors which could be sometimes observed near the nails are also an early sign of melanoma. The separation of the nail from its nail bed is also seen in the white edges which are generally observed near the top where it looks longer than it is as the nail is lifted. Also, observe if your nail is splitting from the middle because the splitting of the nail can also be a sign of nail trauma. If you could find a nodule or bump under your nail.

The above are some of the early signs which are observed in the case of Melanoma on the toenail and fingernails. Now when you know about these signs it is your responsibility to check them regularly so that in any case if you are a patient of Melanoma you could be treated early and your life could be saved.

In AAD News release Souyoul had said that nail melanoma is generally detected in a much-advanced state which makes it more hazardous to health than any other skin melanoma. Which is why it is so important to look for early sign of it by an individual.

He has also suggested everyone in case of any observation of the above signs in your nail make sure to make an appointment with one of the best dermatologists who could give you the right advice to resolve your dilemma if you are really suffering from melanoma or not.

Also, a fact to be known here is that May is also a Skin Cancer Awareness Month so that people are much conscious about their health specifically related to Skin Cancer which is fatal if ignored anytime.

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