How Trump’s Policies Will Get Impacted Under Biden Rule?

Even as Joe Biden is all set to take control of the White House, Trump’s policies will create some hurdles for him in the next few years.

How Trump's Policies Will Get Impacted Under Biden Rule?

The Trump administration had taken a stand on several policies, and it would be interesting to see how Biden will react to each one of them now that he has the authority to meddle with them during the next four years. This itself could take up many months and he has a tough job at hand.

The Trump administration has imposed a travel ban, and this has affected many people wanting to visit the country. In the wake of the pandemic, it would be interesting to see if Biden wants to reverse this or continue with the policy of Trump. Not only that, several other policies of Trump have affected millions of Americans and Biden has to now analyze how this can be changed to help the affected people.

As the nation stands divided, it is integral to maintain harmony and make wise decisions in the next few months. The policies that Biden will choose in this regard will give a clear insight into his leadership abilities, and Americans are eagerly watching his next movie.

According to political experts, the Trump administration had issued executive orders to pass several policies, and this has not gone down well with the Democrats. Once Biden takes charge of the office, his first job will be to scrutinize such policies and change them effectively to bring positive developments in the country.

Even though Biden has won with a decent electoral mandate, the margin was still less in many battleground states in this election. Considering this situation, it would be interesting to see how Biden can move ahead with the policies with this sort of mandate. He will have to deal with a lot of legal battles from the Trump campaign about the elections, and this may consume some of his time in the next few months.

One common thing among Americans who disagreed with the Trump administration was their anger about the way the government handled the coronavirus pandemic. Most of the Americans were not happy with the response from the Trump administration, and it was downplayed by a huge margin in the initial days. As this pandemic has affected millions of people in the US and left more than 200000 dead, people will not forget the wound easily, and they will look forward to some healing action by Biden.

Biden has always advocated using masks in public places, and he himself was seen wearing masks during most of his public interactions during the last few months. He has promised that the government will take aggressive action to make it mandatory to wear masks in public places. Apart from that, the Biden campaign has also promised a host of economic reforms, and this can bring some relief to people who have suffered from job losses and economic slowdown due to the pandemic.

Biden has also promised to promote health care, education, child care, social security, infrastructure development, and environmental care by raising taxes on high earning individuals and organizations. However, political analysts feel that he may not be able to get through these reforms as a $4 trillion increase in tax will not be approved in the Senate.

Trump was very aggressive while imposing a travel ban from nearly 13 countries, which had a dominant Muslim population. Biden was not happy with that move, and analysts expect that such a ban is not a good thing for the image of Americans and it may go for repeal. Apart from that, Biden has even promised to return to the Paris Agreement on Climate and this is something that can be easily done without any controversies.

However, not every policy can be handled easily by Biden as some of them need a lot of analysis, and they are very complicated in nature. Most of them are politically fraught, and the Biden administration cannot meddle with them easily like they do with some foreign policies or economic stimulus packages. When it comes to dealing with China, even Biden shares a similar opinion as that of Trump, and he is in no mood to change his stance on China.

Even some Democrats feel that Biden is not on a mission to drastically change all the policies of the Trump administration. On the other hand, Biden is likely to aim for some bipartisan wins about developing the infrastructure in the country. In this way, he is expected to take the center path, which is his trademark style.

In this situation, Biden may also face some criticism from Democrats who are expecting sweeping changes in the administration. Many Democrats feel that the Obama administration made the same mistake of working with the Republicans with regards to the health care bill, and this did not materialize even after many months of effort. Considering past events, Democrats want Biden to take an aggressive stance on such issues and make changes in the areas of financial reforms and voting rights.

Biden has a tough job as he will have to answer all these tough questions once he takes charge of the office in January. Most analysts expect that Biden should move carefully as the country is polarized beyond imagination, and any move by the new administration should not disrupt the harmony in the country.

As Biden is not enjoying a huge margin in several states, he is not likely to get control of the Senate, and it may be a tough road for him in the near future. Even the Supreme Court is now very conservative when compared to the past, and this can be another hurdle for Biden if he tries to move aggressively towards many policies. In this regard, Biden may not be able to use executive power on several issues as this will be objected to by the Supreme Court.

Biden also has liberal views on legal immigration, and he is likely to take action on this issue. However, it may take some time as the administration has to shift resources to the border and make suitable arrangements for this activity.

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