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How Will Sound Help Us In Creating Comfortable Spaces For Us In The Pandemic Era?

After the pandemic hit, the Maverick partners, a local serving in the Monterrey, in Mexico, have found that their business completely went down. The company owners have adapted a newer model for jumping back up, which many beverage shops can turn to for supporting their staff.

How Will Sound Help Us In Creating Comfortable Spaces For Us In The Pandemic Era?

But this is not really what this beverage shop is about. One of the owners had come up with a line after they had founded the bar. In the Spanish language, this is called, un Lugar de encuentros’, which means that Maverick is known for its encounter, as said by Cárdenas, who is the beverage shop’s marketing partner.

How Will Sound Help Us In Creating Comfortable Spaces For Us In The Pandemic Era?

This is how both the partners have come up with an idea for creating an atmosphere in which the people are quite used to. They have created an interactive and free website which was launched in June 2020 with its main goal of creating an atmosphere in the home, and they delivered the beverage at home, thus creating the virtual location of the place. The main key which was required was the sound.

On the website’s landing page, the company offers its users various auditory options, like street ambience and people talking about recreating this experience of being at the place.

Although some sounds were evoked for references only, the Monterrey locals would only recognize, such as the sound of the particular man who was selling bread on the street. Although this website has also found a group of audience, which have drawn around 2 million in February.

Like The Sound of Colleagues and Poolside FM, some similar sites have similarly created some similar website for creating a relatively quiet environment that one can experience at their home since the beginning of the Covid-19 virus has driven many people away from the much loved communal spaces in the previous year.

The various websites’ creators have said these sounds have stated a quite unique way for inviting in the pre-pandemic life and the post-pandemic hope. This will do away with the feeling of loneliness among people. Experts have said that the logic behind this appeal of the tools might not be very simple.

Sound selections

This was created by a sound studio, a  Sweden-based company called Red Pipe Studios. The Sound of Colleagues will create an atmosphere of the typical office environment using audio. This includes a coffee machine that is bubbling, the co-workers typing noise on the keyboard, and even a room tone — that is, the silence in the room, which is quite similar to the white noise.

Around 1.7 million individuals have turned to the free web page from the beginning of the pandemic, as per Tobias Norman, the founder and head of the Red Pipe Studios‘ production.

He said that humans are programmed to live in groups. Somehow, these will create quite familiar sounds that they have created, using various kinds of tricks through which people will feel like and many among others, easing the anxiety said by Norman. This will be quite a thing for most of us since we already have dedicated their whole life in creating sounds.

These technologies and sounds, in a way, make us feel like we are back to those surroundings which we are used to in our daily lives. Once we feel comfortable, our mind generates such thoughts, which make us feel like we are back to post-pandemic life. There are many such companies which are working on creating such spaces in our mind through sounds.

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