Humans Could Be Exposed To A New Covid-like Virus Found In Bats

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 27, 2022

A new virus-like covid-19 has been discovered in the United States of America. But this time, the strain of the virus has not been found and detected in any human being, but it has been found in Russian bats. These bats tend to infect humans because this infection is contagious. It is contagious to such an extent that even the existing doses of booster vaccines will not be of much help. This means that the body might not be ready to visit this kind of infection, which can become a chronic illness. 

Resources have conducted this study from Washington State University. Certain spike proteins have been discovered from the species of the bat titled Khosta-2. According to the study, this particular protein is not healthy for the human body and can easily spread Venom in the human body. It is a major cause of concern for many people because the country of America has already witnessed three massive waves of covid-19 back to back and is not ready for another one. 

Threat For Humans

The proteins discovered inside this virus can easily transmit to the human body. The research has demonstrated that a new mutated version of covid-19 is moving ahead with different types of wildlife sanctuaries outside Asia. Most animals living in the wildlife are now subjected to the risk of this infection. The wildlife moves from one place to another. It ultimately exposes human beings to a great risk of getting infected with this infection once again, against which they do not even have any immunity or resistance cells. 

Humans Could Be Exposed To A New Covid-like Virus Found In Bats

The government is taking every possible measure with the help that situations like this can be avoided over time. This incident has encouraged most countries to come together in terms of research for the development of Universal vaccines that can be helpful to protect against all the categories of mutated versions of sarbecovirus because it is technically impossible for human beings to administer separate vaccines for any new version of the same virus. 

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Ways taken by the governments so far

The government has even started research concerning the symptoms of this infection. The symptoms now include high fever and red rashes on the body. It can also include sore throat and other aspects of the body. But in such a situation, the government has advised the people to get themselves tested as soon as they report any of these issues. 

Not only this but also the government is increasing medical facilities concerning vaccinations and testing kids so that any case is solved as soon as possible to avoid the possible Trend and hence mitigate the situation of a pandemic once again. The government has also advised people not to come in touch with bats because they have been identified as the principal carriers of this infection. 

The public health team is working meticulously to control the movement of bats throughout the states so that not only humans but also pet animals do not come in contact with them. Then the chances of transmission from that to humans are reduced to the bare minimum. 


It has to be concluded that this is one of the essential kinds of information that needs to be shared with all people as soon as possible because it is only with the help of awareness that people can take preventive measures and protect themselves from such a kind of problem. All of these activities are important from the perspective of a responsible citizen.


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