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Hundreds Of National Guard Troops Test Positive For COVID-19 After Inauguration

Over 100 National Guard officers were tested positive for COVID-19, after they were deployed to the U.S capital on January 6, the day the country witnessed an aggressive riot at the Capitol. 

The assault resulted in pouring in hundreds of National Guard troops to ensure security during the presidential inauguration and preparations.

Hundreds Of National Guard Troops Test Positive For COVID-19 After Inauguration

Currently, the infected guards are under quarantine at nearby hotels according to the guard sources. The Guard leadership didn’t release the actual number of positive cases yet.

Hundreds Of National Guard Troops Test Positive For COVID-19 After Inauguration

Both the authority and lawmakers are worried about the situation, stating that the deployment can be a mega event which would lead to the massive spread of the coronavirus. 

It is obvious that the National Guard had failed to implement an effective plan to test the troops for COVID-19 before they were flown into D.C. some of the troopers were forced to find the test by themselves and some others had to report to duty, leaving their quarantine earlier.

Sen. Chris Murphy said that the infected troop members should stay in hotels. During their rest, they should be outside the campus being separated and socially distanced. 

It was on Thursday night, thousands of the crew were told to vacate congressional buildings to take their rest breaks outside the Capitol and nearby parking garages.

Pictures were obtained of them resting on the ground in garages, being packed together. One of the garages was highly congested with 5,000 troops with only a single bathroom. 

Eventually, after the troops were screened for COVID-19, they were reported for their duties at D.C. Even though some of the crew members didn’t receive it immediately.

Biden’s inauguration was under a threat of violence after the raging riots at the Capitol A few weeks ago. To make the security measures of the presidential inauguration stronger, nearly around 25,000 troops were deployed to the capital this week. 

The guard members stayed at the nearby hotels during their off duty time. However, they had to spend their on-duty rest breaks onsite. Some were occupied in the halls of the Capitol building.

On Thursday, they were told to vacate the building, forcing them to rest on concrete floors of the parking garage.  

While, lawmakers from both of the parties responded to it as outrageous, ungracious, and unsanitary, and the troops were returned to the capitol soon. 

The is being investigated by the Senate Rules Committee focusing on concerns of the Guard implementing accurate precautions to the coronavirus.

While senators said that the decision which made the troops rest at the packing garage created a COVID-19 hazard. It is unknown why the troops were forced to leave the Capitol altogether. 

In his tweet, Republican leader Kevin McCarthy asked the Speaker and the Majority Leader why the troops were forced to sleep at the parking lot. He added that they deserve to be treated with respect, and the country deserves answers too.

Sen. Tammy Duckworth also tweeted with a similar response by saying that she couldn’t believe the brave service members who protected us were told to vacate the building. She also offered the troops to use her office in her tweet.

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