I-Team Discovers COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Being Wasted

The I-Team has learned that the COVID-19 vaccine doses have gone wasted at the Brockton Neighbourhood Health Center of Boston on the first day of the vaccine clinic.

Presently, the vaccine doses are high in demand in the country and no one wants to see any of the doses get wasted but apparently, the extra doses provided by the developers are being wasted widely.

I-Team Discovers COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Being Wasted

The clinic’s supervisor Maria Celliu said that they were aware that the vaccines come in vials and each vial would contain 10 doses.

Based on this information, they scheduled the campaign with groups of 10, but they didn’t anticipate that some of the vials carried an extra eleventh dose in them.

Celli added that they could have administered the extras on others but there wasn’t anybody left on the waitlist to reach anyone at the moment. 

The two authorized vaccines that are being distributed in the country have to be used within a specific period once the vials are opened. In that case, those who administer the distributions in the clinic were helpless then and cannot be blamed.

The extra doses of the Moderna vaccine are being found by healthcare providers of the country routinely, but those have to be used within 6 hours of opening the vial.

The professor of public health at UMass Lowell, Dr. Timn Ford said that the incident that the vaccine doses were wasted is upsetting.

He added that there is nothing put by the responsible authority to help the state for an appropriate dealing with the vaccine doses and distributing the shots among people.

The government didn’t provide any information that the vials were having an extra dose of the vaccine. He also said that it is shocking and a real shame since every single dose that is wasted together could have made a difference. 

The reports on the discarded doses are required by the state of Massachusetts for further investigations. 

The supervisor Celli said that the clinic authority has reported the incident and made it clear that they wanted to discard any of the doses after this and they learned a lesson very deeply.

It is still unknown how many of the vaccine doses were discarded in the clinic. 

When asked about the matter, the Department of Public Health remained silent. 

The incident in Boston is very disappointing in the whole country as many vaccination clinics in the country have stopped the vaccine administrations as many of them were not given enough doses. Many parts of the country are struggling to distribute the shots among the residents. 

A shortage of doses made it clear that the country will take more time to reach herd immunity, which is expected to occur after immunizing at least 75% of the American population.  

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