Idaho Hospital ICU Beds Cry Out For Space

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 7, 2021

St. Luke Boise Medical Center at Idaho is fighting a tough time in accommodating patients as intensive care unit beds are struggling to fit in unvaccinated corona patients, amidst a surge in the recent Covid cases. Entangled tubes and beeping of mechanical breathing tubes have put the hospital staff in a sorry state as they are counting on the severity of a patient’s condition to measure their chances of ending up in an ICU bed or succumbing to their situation.

Idaho Hospital ICU Beds Cry Out For Space

Dr. Jim Souza, the chief medical officer, said that the present situation could have been avoided if the people had taken the vaccination more seriously when they were out last December. He noted that none of the hospitalized patients were vaccinated that proves how important the dose is. Moreover, most of the cases admitted had got treated wrongly due to some misinformation. The US health officials had warned against the usage of Ivermectin, an anti-parasite to be taken as a treatment for Covid. However, many going against this and refusing to go for standard medications for the virus, had to be hospitalized.

Idaho Hospital ICU Beds Cry Out For Space

 Nurses like Kristen Connelly and her associates inside the ICUs are getting devastated by the continuous admissions and the way they need to handle them. Dozens of feeding tubes, breathing tubes, bags of medications have left them with sleepless nights and disappointments. The majority of the nursing staff are taking for a quit as they are burned out by the tiring demands of this pandemic situation.

Connelly, who had been serving people for 26 years, is now on the verge of losing hope. Dr. Bill Dittrich, also stated that most people who got admitted were healthy individuals who betrayed immunizations only to land up there and fight for their lives.

Medical experts are opinionating that the state is likely to see a rise in almost 30,000 new cases per week by the mid of September. With such a critical condition to handle, it is still one of the states with the lowest vaccination rates that seek urgent decisions. Republican Governor, Brad Little, urged people to consider the situation and get vaccinated and had announced that a greater number of health care providers would be brought in through the Idaho National Guard.

However, Lt. Governor, Janice McGeachin, was against this statement as he had already acted against the state’s decision for using masks at schools. He mentioned that wearing masks and following government mandates should be left to individual choices. The rift is also prominent at the local levels where Ada County Commissioners voted for a local pathologist to be nominated as a member of the regional public health board, who was against vaccinations.

The doctors are battling over crisis standard care which calls for a heart-wrenching decision of whom to provide the lifesaving treatments and whom to leave out. The shortage of hospital beds and the fight for survival in the hospital premises had forced the hospital personals of St Luke’s Boise Medical Center to call upon the Associated Press into the restricted areas and provide the public a glimpse of the actual situation. The situation needs to be brought under control in order to avoid panic and a further rise in the Covid cases, and the authorities need to set a template to tackle such a situation effectively.

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