The Ideal Mask To Wear On A Flight

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 5, 2021

The impact of COVID 19 was devastating for the industrial world in general. Air travel is not an exception. As per the estimate of a consumer data company, the number of international travelers plunged from 6.2 billion to almost 1.76 billion when the virus started spreading last year.

But the air travel industry is in the path of recovery in the US, statistics shows. This holds true specifically for leisure trips. It is recovering faster than analysts expected.

The Ideal Mask To Wear On A Flight

According to the Transportation Security Administration, the number of passengers getting screened in airports is increasing. On October 30th alone, 1,518,020 people went through the security checkpoints in the country.

The same was 618,476 on this day last year. But when more and more people decide to restart air travel, they may have hundreds of questions.

The Ideal Mask To Wear On A Flight

All of them would be on the watch-out for safety alerts. The most prominent among them is face masks. People start wondering which mask is ideal when on the flight.

Here is what renowned health experts have to say in this regard:

Experts group face masks into two main categories; reusable cloth masks and their disposable variants.

The quality of masks has improved greatly since the onset of the pandemic. When it comes to protection, both the reusable masks and their disposable variants work in the same way. Cloth masks had come under harsh criticism in recent days. But mask manufacturers conduct several tests nowadays to ensure their efficacy to filter unwanted particles.

The general recommendation here is to ensure that the mask is tested in a reputed lab.

If you don’t prefer disposable masks, you can happily go for cloth masks. See to it that the one you choose is of medical grade and FDA-approved.  The American Society for Testing and Materials rate medical masks in three levels; 1, 2, and 3. The higher the grade is, the greater the protection will be. Certain types of medical masks are there in the market for average consumers to buy.

A reliable mask is one with two or three layers of protection. There are also KN95 and N95 respirators. They, however, are not required in general scenarios.

Masks like those filter 95% of particles and are recommended for healthcare professionals in high-risk environments. This comes up with the question; which is the best mask to wear on flights?

The answer is simple. The most effective mask is the one that offers a powerful filtering mechanism. It should fit well and should cover your mouth and nose. There should not be any gap so that no unfiltered air may enter your lungs.

Your mask should also offer the utmost comfort. The best option is to test your choice mask for filtration and breathability. See to it that you can comfortably wear the mask all through your journey. If it fails, try another one.

Masks offer utmost variety; go for the ones that combine comfort, breathability, and utmost effective filtration.

If you desire maximum protection, you may go for a disposable layered mask and a cloth mask on the top. Make sure that your mask covers your mouth and nose. And there should not be any gap in between. According to some, a KN95 mask is the best for air travel.

They don’t touch your mouth and offer the utmost protection from germs. Thus you can talk to others without any difficulty. You may feel that the mask is tighter than the ones you usually wear. But they keep you safe and are worth the slight discomfort that comes with them.

Do your own homework and choose the mask that best suits your requirements. Practice wearing the mask so that you may feel at ease when wearing it on the flight.

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