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Immunity From Vaccines Is Better Than Natural Immunity, Experts Says

Despite their best efforts, a lot of people have contracted coronavirus in this 20-month long pandemic, mostly because they didn’t take the required precautions.

Recently data is emerging about how safe and protected people in the country are against the virus.

Immunity From Vaccines Is Better Than Natural Immunity, Experts Says

Like most viruses and illnesses, contracting COVID-19 once makes our bodies immune and protected against re-infection. But experts are not clear just how sick you have to get to develop strong and long-lasting immunity. And this is why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends people who have contracted the virus earlier get vaccinated.

Immunity From Vaccines Is Better Than Natural Immunity, Experts Says

Growing evidence suggests that vaccination plus early infection offers the strongest immunity against the virus and for a long time.

San Francisco’s Gladstone Institute’s virologist Warner Greene said that infected people who take vaccines after some months develop hybrid immunity.

According to a study published in the Science journal, this protection results from combining and may last longer than vaccines, but it is yet to be proven.

Greene warns people not to seek out infections in order to be better immunized. It could get severe and wouldn’t be fun, he says.

Dr. Monica Gandhi, University of California’s infectious disease expert said that denying natural immunity doesn’t generate trust. She said that people should get vaccinated three to six months after catching infection for best immunity. The second dose offers no increase to the first and even people who have contracted the infection and are fully vaccinated do not need boosters at present.

She believes that naturally immune people should get one vaccine dose.

New York’s Rockefeller Institute published a new study in which researchers found that people who took their vaccine shot after some months of catching infection might be more protected against various variants of coronavirus than others.

An author of the study, Theodora Hatziioannou said that if there is an option, always pick vaccines.

She said that vaccine doses lead to the highest levels of antibodies and are natural in fighting the virus. She said that 5 to 6 months after vaccination, participants who were vaccinated had higher levels of antibodies than infected people.

When it comes to the concept of natural immunity and the level of protection it offers, many questions remain unanswered.

For instance, It still remains unclear how long till a person can get an infection for the second time.

According to Kristen Nordlund, a spokesperson, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is still studying about reinfection in people and this area of research is prioritized.

For healthy and young people, she said, an infection might give up to 90% protection. But for immunocompromised and older people, the infection might not provide much protection.

For instance, in Denmark, nearly 12,000 people contracted coronavirus during the first wave of the pandemic. Among them, 80% remained protected in the second wave. In people above 65 years, protection against reinfection was 47%.

Asymptomatic or milder infections provide less protection than severe sickness.

Nordlund said that unvaccinated individuals who contracted coronavirus have higher chances of contracting the virus again than vaccinated people.

She said that studies are still carried out to understand better whether reinfection is milder than the primary ones.

Hatziioannou said that one would expect reinfection to be milder because the immune response that developed during the initial infection should protect people against the virus up to some level from severe symptoms.

But there can be differences in different variants. She said that for example, the blood of people that were infected with the beta variant May not be able to prevent the delta variant.

The bottom line is every healthcare worker and medical professional recommends people to get vaccinated.

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