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Immunocompromised Patients Fare Better With Additional Covid Vaccines


A new study has shown that people with lesser immunity due to various health conditions can be safer with additional doses of covid vaccines. In some patients who undergo surgery for an organ transplant, the immunity is suppressed as it can reject the organ. Such patients do not have enough antibodies to handle the covid infection. In this situation, getting additional doses of covid vaccines may be a viable solution, according to experts.

Immunocompromised Patients Fare Better With Additional Covid Vaccines

The booster dose of the covid vaccine is recommended for even healthy individuals who have earlier received both doses of vaccines. It was evident during the third wave that getting a booster dose was the best method to avoid Omicron infection. Most people who had received the booster dose were not affected in the third wave of the pandemic. Given this situation, it is important to get such additional doses at the earliest to get added protection against the virus.

Immunocompromised Patients Fare Better With Additional Covid Vaccines

However, when it comes to people who have a weakened immune system due to existing health conditions or surgery, it becomes even more important to get an additional dose of covid vaccines to stay away from the infection. Such people are not even able to fight common viruses in an effective manner, and handling the covid infection becomes a complicated process. Such patients are at high risk of severe infection in this situation.

It was observed during the study that seroconversion was reduced to some extent in patients who had weakened immune systems just after one dose of the covid vaccine. However, this was not so effective in HIV patients. This rate increased more after the second dose, and patients with various immune disorders also had sufficient protection. However, after the third dose, the protection levels increased further in most patients.

This became clearly evident when even patients who had undergone surgery for organ transplant also had seroconversion after the third dose of covid vaccine. However, the level of antibodies remained low when compared to normal people who had good immunity.

The overall rate of vaccination across the US is still very low compared to a few other smaller countries in the world. Nearly 30% of the population in the US is still not vaccinated even though vaccines are readily available for free in the US. There is a lot of vaccine hesitancy among some people, and the administration has not been able to handle this problem in an effective manner. The messaging regarding covid protocols took a political turn, and many people were against using masks and vaccines to fight the infection.

A problem that was supposed to be handled scientifically was handled in a political manner in the US. This led to the low rate of vaccination and left millions of people vulnerable to the infection. This explains the reason why the US remained the most affected country in the world due to Covid 19. several people lost their lives due to covid, and the rate of hospitalization was very high for many months during the pandemic. Even after all these incidents, many people are still hesitant about taking vaccines.

The response for the booster dose is also not good enough, according to official reports. As the Omicron variant resulted in milder infection when compared to the Delta variant, many people did not take it seriously during the third wave. Due to this reason, many people did not take the booster dose even though they were eligible for the vaccines. Researchers feel that people with weakened immune systems should be very careful about the infection and take adequate booster doses after consulting the doctors.

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