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Impeachment Managers Laid Out Trump’s Practice Of Inciting Mob

The two days argument period given to the House Managers is finally wrapped up with Democrats asking the Senate to convict former President Trump in the Jan 6 Capitol riots case. They argued that not doing so will lead to another violent incident incited by Trump.

The two days of emotional recaps supported by graphical footage of the Jan 6 Capitol riots, the house managers have tried to connect the dots between Trump’s speech and the patterns that he followed throughout his office that incited his supporters for violence.

Impeachment Managers Laid Out Trump’s Practice Of Inciting Mob

The day was focused on ex-president Trump’s complicity to provoke a mob of his supporters that finally assaulted the Capitol. This attack that was full of violence has threatened democracy, harmed national security, and the country’s international reputation was also damaged.

The Democrats concluded their ending remark in a time lesser than the 16 hours period provided to them. Trump’s legal team is also indicating the same. With this, the senators are expecting that the trial can conclude on Saturday.

Impeachment Managers Laid Out Trump's Practice Of Inciting Mob

Jamie Raskin of Maryland said the lead house manager said that there are a continuous pattern and practice in Trump’s speeches. His words always sound provoking and inciting. The Jan 6 Capitol riots were the most dangerous and violent episodes influenced by Trump’s words. Given the habitual practice of inciting people through his speech, such violent incidents are likely to be repeated again.

He also added that former president Trump had declared his acts and conduct as totally appropriate. And if he manages to get back in the office, such things can again be repeated. At that time, no one else could be blamed but themselves. He hinted that convicting Trump is necessary to avoid such incidents in the future.

The house managers supported their arguments through multiple videos spanning 4 years of Trump’s office. They connected the former president’s speeches and his supporters’ engagement in physical violence with the rally protestors. 

They had shown clips from the 2017 incident when Trump had praised Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte for his violent act of assaulting a journalist on asking questions.  

The same year ex-president Trump gave his infamous statement in support of a deadly White supremacist rally in Virginia.

 The house managers tried their best to directly appeal to the GOP  Senators by frequently citing the Republican Senators who asked Trump to end the riots at that time. The examples of Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie and the Republican Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin were sought many times by the Democrats during the arguments.

House manager Diana DeGette said that they do not intend to punish Trump, but they only want that he not be provided a platform to repeat his actions, leading to hatred and violence. She said that Jan 6 riots were not the first incident of provoking a mob for violence, but it could be his last.

Managers also directly addressed one of the arguments that the defense attorney is anticipated to give. They directly questioned the applicability of the protection of Trump’s speech, including the false claims of the 2020 elections under the first amendment.

Trump’s defense team is set to present the case starting Friday afternoon. They indicated that they are not going to utilize all the 16 hours given to them. 

It is expected with the accelerated pace of the trial that it would end by Saturday. 

However, with the requirement of two-thirds majority voting to convict former President Trump in the impeachment case, it is anticipated that he will be acquitted. Many Republicans are still questioning the trial’s constitutionality for an ex-president. Others are finding it difficult to connect the dots between Trump’s previous speech and the Jan 6 riots. 

Now the defense team is awaited to present their case. 

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