Important Insights You Need to Know About Temporary Buildings

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : May 22, 2023

Temporary buildings are commonly used by businesses and organizations to meet their space needs. Although they are suitable as total space solutions, they are mostly useful during peak seasons or during an emergency. But let’s put our focus on how these temporary structures are useful to businesses and organizations generally.

Whether you operate a small business, a large manufacturing enterprise, or an organization, temporary buildings will provide enough space without so much strain on your budget.

Typically, there are many benefits that have made temporary buildings very popular today. This article will discuss them as well as other things you should know about these structures.

Temporary Buildings Are More Affordable

The main reason why temporary buildings are very popular these days is because they are highly affordable. Making steel-framed structures or industrial tents will definitely cost less than brick-and-mortar structures providing similar space.

When you work with professional temporary building providers such as Smart-Space, you are likely to save more money because they have a variety of options to suit your budget and also modern innovations to eliminate various costs.

The fact that temporary structures are fast to make also saves a lot of money in terms of labor. Professionals can take a few days or weeks to fabricate while assembling is even easier and faster.

You Can Buy or Rent Temporary Buildings

Anyone can buy customized temporary buildings or hire modular structures that are already fabricated. Both options have pros and cons, so it is up to you to assess them and consider what will work well for you.

People rent temporary structures such as industrial tents and event tents when they are needed for a short time. They are easy to erect and collapse, which is why it is simple to move them from one location to another.

On the other hand, you can buy customized temporary buildings that are even more durable like steel-framed structures when you want to use them for many years such as in the manufacturing industry.

Temporary Buildings Come in Various Sizes

Whether you are looking for customized temporary buildings or modular structures, you are likely to find any size that suits your needs. For instance, some production factories and logistics companies may go for clear span buildings that span up to 60 meters wide and 12 meters high or just decide to fabricate customized sizes to fit in their available space.

The size of your temporary buildings is highly determined by your business type, your needs, your preferences, available space, and more. The good thing is that these structures can even fit in tight corners to create more space for your needs.

Lastly, it is worth it to mention that standard shipping containers can be modified as an affordable option for schools and retail businesses. They are highly portable, and you can get 40 or 60 feet of usable space.

Temporary Buildings Are Built to High Standards

Did you know that many big temporary buildings are subjected to building regulations and standards? For instance, the UK temporary buildings used for production, storage, sports, and other uses are built using the L2 standards to ensure that they are safe for occupancy.

The manufacturer, in collaboration with their clients, must have planning permission or other permits allowing them to erect these structures. So, check well before buying or hiring to ensure that they meet all the required standards.

They Can Last a Long Time

Temporary buildings may confuse many people who tend to think that they are only used for a short time. The fact is that modern technologies of using steel frames and PVC covers or durable fabric make them durable. Some semi-permanent structures are made of steel sheets, and these can serve you for many years.

Experts say that the recommended time frame for using some temporary buildings is seven years, but many have served their users for far more than this time. If you are working with experts, it is easy to find a solution that will last you for many years.


What are temporary buildings? By now, you have discovered that these are structures made of various light materials such as steel frames and fabric or PVC covers. Now that you know a lot of things about these structures, it is important that you make informed decisions when you need space for your business or organization. Even individuals use them on their properties for storage or to make a garden shade. Choose them well to enjoy all the benefits.

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