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In New Covid Plan, Biden Aims To Implement Vaccine Mandates

An ambitious 6-point plan to double down on a resurgent Covid pandemic is set to be announced by President Joe Biden. This includes putting government, businesses, and schools to implement vaccine mandates.

The New York Times said that a speech is planned for Thursday at 5 PM EAT.

In New Covid Plan, Biden Aims To Implement Vaccine Mandates

Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, said in a media briefing on Wednesday that Americans will be impacted by new efforts to rein in Covid based on whether they have received the vaccine or not.

In New Covid Plan, Biden Aims To Implement Vaccine Mandates

Psaki said that the President is going to outline the upcoming phases in the fight against the virus. This involves working with the public sector and private sector and in addition to the steps that have already been announced, more steps will be built which require more vaccinations, important testing measures being boosted, and at a time when people in America are listening, making it safer for kids to go to school.

Psaki said that six steps are involved in the new plan.

This involves getting people who have not been vaccinated yet vaccinated; protecting the ones who have already been vaccinated, opening and keeping schools open in a safe manner, requiring mask mandates and boosting testing for Covid; shielding the US economic recovery, and improving care for those who have been infected with Covid.

Topping 40 million are the total number of Covid cases in the US that are known. This data has been maintained by the Times. The new strategy has been implemented keeping this data in mind.

This accounts for almost 1/5th of the total number of cases around the world.

Around 47% of the population of the country remains unvaccinated as the Delta variant rips through the country. After a summer where Americans were hopeful that the worst was over, Covid has roared back.

There has been an average of 161,000 new cases every day as of Sunday, as reported by the Times.

The daily death toll due to Covid has been reported to be over 1500 and the daily hospitalizations are over 102,000 every day.

An already overburdened healthcare system is being pushed by people who are hospitalized and dying. A vast majority of these people are those who have not been vaccinated yet.

Not a single state has gotten over 70% of its population fully vaccinated yet.

Government agencies, schools, and businesses are being pressurized to implement mandates for vaccinations so that vaccine-hesitant Americans can be shielded.

Psaki said that people will return to normal life the sooner that vaccinations start to increase. This will stop the spread of the pandemic and get it under control.

He said on a press briefing on Wednesday that they want to be specific about the objectives that they are trying to achieve.

In recent weeks, there has been a huge improvement in the number of vaccines being dished out. It was noted by Psaki that nearly 14 million received their first shot in August. This number is 4 million more than that of July.

According to the CDC, among people aged 12 or older, 27% of them have not received even a single shot of the vaccine.

The number of unvaccinated people is still very high in states like Texas and Florida which are 42% and 38%, respectively.

Psaki said that a plan for booster shot is being worked on by Biden as the need for it in those who have already been vaccinated rises.

Health experts have advised White House officials to hold off on promoting third shots in recent weeks. They advised them to wait for better data to come.

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