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New Increase In Covid Cases In New York City Area

After many weeks of declining number of coronavirus deaths and hospitalizations, everyone was heaving a sigh of relief that finally, this pandemic is going to end shortly. Suddenly a spike came and coronavirus cases started rising rapidly in New York thus giving rise to new hotspots in various parts of the city.  Disease experts warnings started pouring in stating that a more dangerous variant of Coronavirus was spreading and that too at a faster pace because there was a too-rapid rush among people to return to normal life again. This might definitely prolong the historic health emergency situation in New York.

New Increase In Covid Cases In New York City Area

On a national level caseloads are going down and millions of people have developed in their bodies to fight the virus, with about more than two million people being vaccinated every day. But the virus seems to be  posing a present and real threat, with over fifty-five thousands new infections daily.

New Increase In Covid Cases In New York City Area

Michigan also has seen a spike in infections and hospitalizations. Even Minnesota, Maryland and New Jersey are also recording a steep rise in corona cases . Despite intensive vaccination programs various places in and around  New York City are no longer witnessing declines in cases. On the contrary everywhere the numbers are increasing once again and that is a startling signal. 

David Rubin who is the director of PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia said that a resurgence is taking place there but it’s too soon to call it a second wave. According to him, Philadelphia will not repeat last winter’s history.  But Rubin admitted that cases are flat or going up in many parts the Upper Midwest,  Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic, and this change became noticeable in the last couple of weeks. 

Health experts are expecting coronavirus to become an endemic which is going to  exist permanently in the population. This is owing to human behavior which is continuing to drive transmission.

Everyone’s behavior is changing now in this pandemic-fatigued nation just like elsewhere in the world. This week is going to be a significant point for reopenings. Wedding parties and other get-togethers are kicking off once again in New York. Pennsylvania has allowed more fans into stadiums. Moreover most of Maryland has started opening up restaurants to full capacity.

Air travel hit a spike or pandemic record during the weekend, with more than 1.2 million to 1.3 million people traveling eve day from Thursday onwards to Sunday. This was much more than any four-day period since onset of pandemic March 2020.

Hence infectious-disease experts are continually suggesting people to stay alert and cautious and thereby respect the lingering threat of the virus. To be precise, with the end of this pandemic potentially in sight, experts have recognized that this is one of the trickiest phases of the crisis — psychologically and   epidemiologically. 

Comparing the present time to tail-end of 800m. race Mary Jo Trepka who is an epidemiologist at Florida International University, said that it is like  we are in the home stretch where it hurts most. She added that if we give up now, we are bound to lose  the entire race.

At present human nature is in clash with stay-the-course messages. The Winter season is releasing its grip. All the restaurants are opening with full capacity up and stadiums too with capacity limits. People are becoming desperate now to see their family members and friends they have missed since last year. This might prove to be the most challenging part of the pandemic. So the experts are asking population to just hold off for a little more time till all are vaccinated. 

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