In Pandemics- Telehealth Usage Increased And Overdose Risks Decreased

In Pandemics- Telehealth Use Increased And Overdose Risks Decreased

The Centre has conducted the latest study for Disease Control and Prevention researchers in collaboration with the National Institute of Health to discover the use of teleHealth Services.

According to this research, the dependency on these telehealth services has increased, especially during the period of covid 19. This evaluation is probably based on the data collected concerning 170000 Medicare beneficiaries. 

Increased Telehealth Use During Pandemic Linked To Reduced Overdose Risk

Understanding that this kind of increase in TeleHealth Services has finally resulted in preventing the risk of overdose is essential. This time of risk is probably when an individual, in the light of unawareness, usually ends up consuming a greater quantity of the medicine than it was initially prescribed. It became a cause of worry for the Medical industry that in the increasing instances of covid-19, most patients were advised to stay at home and avoid visiting hospitals. 

In Pandemics- Telehealth Use Increased And Overdose Risks Decreased

In the light of this order of not visiting the Hospital, there was a risk that the patients would end up consuming any medicine in any quantity. In such a situation, the risk of overdose was very high. But it was only due to the availability of telehealth services at the time of covid-19 that medical care was available to the people, due to which the risk of overdose was the minimum possible. It is a milestone achievement for the medical industry. 

How was this made possible? 

It was only with the help of these kinds of services that common barriers to overdose disorders and, at the same time, healthcare disorders were reduced. All the types of concerns of the people typically invest through these kinds of services, and according to the data, around 86% of the people have been protected from this disorder in the long run. 

This report has already been published in an international journal of drug policy. It is a unique phenomenon that has had a lot of people fight different types of problems that could not be cured otherwise. This is the most significant advantage that the technology has been able to provide to the patients that by simply sitting at home, we can get the best medical cure advice without exposing ourselves to travel and another type of efforts.

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Is it going to be sustainable? 

Another question that arises is about sustainability. It becomes imperative to understand that this research has been restricted only to the covid-19 time. But at the same point in time, additional efforts have to be made concerning other duration of time to perfectly evaluate the situation and develop a solution out of the same. 

According to the scientist’s view, if this result was limited only during the time of covid 19, then it might not be as helpful compared to a situation where it is equal during other times. That is because this has to be observed to avoid any other kind of confusion in the long run. 


It is essential to understand that this kind of benefit of technology in the medical healthcare industry is generally helpful for voting different benefits. At the same time, it is in the light of the people’s health that the people’s help should not be compromised at any cost. Evaluating every situation in advance is highly beneficial so that at least some kind of relief is provided to the people in the long run. It is only because of these efforts that people were protected during the time of covid 19 from other types of diseases. 


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