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Indianapolis COVID Cases Rise To Hit Records; State Plans To Expand Vaccination Shots

The state of Indianapolis is also being hit by the recent surge of the coronavirus with 6,214 new COVID cases and 80 deaths on Wednesday.

In the span between the pandemic’s initial outbreak and until now, Indiana lost 8,452 of its residents, and the total number of people who got infected is 546,499.

Indianapolis COVID Cases Rise To Hit Records; State Plans To Expand Vaccination Shots

The COVID-19 testing rate of Indianapolis in the recent seven days lies at 16.4%, based on the latest reports from Health officials.

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According to health officials, more than 5.9 million tests were administered in the state since the beginning of last week.

On Sunday, it was reported the most number of inhabitants got infected with the coronavirus since Dec.  29, but the next day’s cases were the worst additionally with 71 patients more to the figure, i.e.,  2,907.

The access to COVID-19 vaccines also expanded in the state as it was necessary for the current post-holiday surge. The state has begun to receive the vaccine for COVID-19 since December. 

Around 400,000 people were prioritized for vaccinating in Indiana. They include frontline health care workers.

Additionally the total number of 39,000 long-term care facility workers. Altogether, this becomes  6.5 percent of the total population of the state.

The shots of coronavirus vaccines will be accessible to people of ages 80 and above from Friday onwards in Indiana. 

According to the health officials of the state, in the coming weeks, they are planning to start to provide vaccines for people ages 70 and older as well as 60 and older later on.

Officials have already arranged the availability of appointments in all 92 counties, through the website or simply dialing the state assistance service’s telephone number, 211.

After last month’s vaccination process which was held on Indiana’s health care workers, nursing home residents, and staffers, the next vaccination steps were announced on Wednesday. 

More than 50 hospitals and clinics in the state are hoping for an effective vaccination process with 55,575 vaccines by the end of the first week.

The officials are expecting weekly shipments of supplies of the vaccine as well to ensure none of the residents is left without the shot.

Since the start of the pandemic, Indiana’s 539,229 residents have contracted and 8,317 residents have died. 

Taking the post-holiday surge into account, certain restrictions that were taken before have returned to the state.

The social gathering limits were lowered to 25 individuals in red counties with the highest risk rate and 50 in the orange counties with the second-highest risk rate. For any larger occasion, it is compulsory to seek approval from the officials.

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