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Infections & Deaths From Russia’s New Covid Virus Are At All-Time Highs

Because of low vaccine coverage and the Kremlin’s unwillingness to tighten regulations, daily coronavirus illnesses and fatalities in Russia reached near all-time highs on Monday, according to official data.

In Russia, the state coronavirus working group recorded 29,409 new cases reported, the largest number of confirmed cases since the beginning of the year and only slightly lower than that of the pandemic high point achieved in December.

Infections & Deaths From Russia’s New Covid Virus Are At All-Time Highs

On Monday, it recorded 957 additional fatalities, bringing its daily death toll since the outbreak’s beginning to 968, the highest total since the outbreak began.

As per a government task group, Russia already has the most significant death toll in Europe from the epidemic, with more than 217,000 people have died.

Infections & Deaths From Russia's New Covid Virus Are At All-Time Highs

The state statistics office, which counts fatalities differently than the federal government, including cases where the coronavirus was not deemed the primary cause of death, has recorded about 418,000 deaths among individuals infected with the COVID-19 virus. A significant increase in illnesses and fatalities started last month, with the authorities blamed poor vaccination coverage for the spike in numbers. Tatyana Golikova, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister, stated on Friday that 47.8 million Russians, or nearly 33 percent of the country’s almost 146 million population, had received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine, with 42.4 million, or approximately 29 percent, having received the vaccine in its entirety.

Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin’s spokesperson, expressed worry over increasing illnesses and fatalities, noting that hospitals in certain areas are nearing capacity. Despite his displeasure with the slow pace of vaccination, Peskov opposed the notion of imposing penalties on individuals who did not get the vaccine and stressed that it is up to regional governments to determine whether or not to impose coronavirus restrictions in their jurisdictions.

Participants at major public events and entry to theatres, restaurants, and other venues in certain areas have been restricted to those who have been vaccinated, recently recovered from COVID-19, or tested negative in the past 72 hours.

However, life in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and many other big cities continues much as usual, with companies continuing to operate as standard and mask requirements being very weakly enforced. The officials in Moscow stated on Monday that they would be expanding the availability of free coronavirus testing in shopping centers across the city, claiming that this would assist in preventing the spread of the virus. In all, Russia’s coronavirus task force has documented nearly 7.8 million verified cases and 217,372 fatalities, according to its website. However, records from Russia’s state statistical agency Rosstat, which count coronavirus-related fatalities retrospectively, show considerably higher fatality rates than the official figures.

In a report released on Friday, Rosstat revealed that more than 254,000 individuals died from COVID-19 in the first 8 months of this year, compared to more than 163,000 fatalities from the virus in the whole year 2020, according to the latest Coronavirus Fatality Statistics. Unlike the coronavirus task force, which only includes fatalities in which the coronavirus was deemed to be the primary cause, Rosstat counts deaths in which the coronavirus was suspected but not confirmed, as well as deaths in which the coronavirus was believed but not confirmed.

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