Still On The Injury List!! Why LaMonte Wade Jr. Hasn’t Been Activated?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 25, 2022

As per our expectations, the Giants had decided to do a roster move before the game which was going to be on Friday night against the Cincinnati Reds. But as we all came to know that it wasn’t LaMonte Wade Jr. who made the cut from Sacramento. 

Zack Littell was the alternative back to Triple-A, and he was replaced by fellow right-handed reliever Yunior Marte, who added a fresh arm to a cage coming off a seven-game trip on Thursday this game was ended with the starting pitcher lasting just one inning.

Why Hasn’t LaMonte Wade Jr. Activated From The Injured List Yet?

But finally, Wade will continue his rehab assignment, and finally, for the River Cats on Friday night, he is scheduled to play seven innings in the outfield. On Wednesday night Wade got such a great achievement and hit a double in his fourth rehab game. 

LaMonte Wade Jr Hasnt Been Activated

The Giants tried to put Luis Gonzalez on the IL by showing a lower back strain the next day, but they did not succeed as they were not going to rush Wade back. 

He was having just 12 at-bats when his knee and hamstring healed enough, and he found that he is not able to come back to the field, and his manager Gabe Kapler was also there to support him, and he said that Giants will make sure the timing is right for him to show his worth and for his activation. 

Kapler explained that all of us have been seen with LaMonte that he is such a wonderful player, and they want him to feel confident and comfortable in his performance and he should also have the confidence in his health, and when they brought him back to the Major League level they wanted that he should feel like he can do anything whatever he wants to do and whatever he needs to do on the baseball field without any hesitation and questions. 

Kapler also said that they will be patient with that, and they are going to be so excited to get LaMonte back on the field when the time is right for him. We have seen only 10 Wade games this year because he was suffering from knee soreness, but he has turned a corner so early this month by getting lubricating injections and the Giants were confident that he has to be fine for the long term. 

According to this point, this is not going to be like Wade is returning before Tuesday. As per the reports the Giants have to face a lefty on Saturday, and they are going to be on-off Monday, and there are some boxes to check off by Wade only which include playing a full game in the outfield and to show his potential on the field by playing such a wonderful game. 

The Giants wanted to have some innings behind Alex Cobb, and they wanted to have someone for that if needed on Friday night, so Marte is going to take over that scheduled spot and finally is going to play a match.

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