Insulin Is So Expensive That Nearly 1 In 6 People Are Rationing The Life-saving Medication

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 19, 2022

A new study has been conducted at the Harvard Medical School in Association with the hunter college of New York. It has been found that around 1.3 million people in America are indulged in rationing insulin. Insulin is probably a life-saving drug for every American with diabetes. It has a lot of serious side effects on health. The research has also predicted a possibility of death due to excessive rationing. 

The research has tried to focus on the causes that lead to such rationing at the instance of a medical. Even the expected side effects of this exercise have also been discovered so far. Lack of glycemic control is one cause and reason for such insulin rationing. In fact, due to this poor glycemic control, chronic health diseases, such as blindness and kidney failure, can occur at a very early age. This practice is not at all effective in developing infrastructure for curing diabetes in around 57% of the American population. 


The prices of insulin have been rising for a decade now. Due to this unaffordable pricing of insulin, Americans have resorted to the practice of rationing. Due to this issue, the availability of insulin in the market has been reduced to a great extent, and hence it has resulted in causing a price hike recently. This price gap is mitigated with the help of the manufacturers’ discounts and coupons to make the medication affordable for a large group of people. 

Insulin Is So Expensive That Nearly 1 In 6 People Are Rationing The Life-saving Medication

Even the Federal government has interfered with insulin pricing by proposing the maximum price it could be sold in the market. Amendments have also been made to the inflation reduction act, according to which insulin cannot be sold for more than 35.

But despite all of these measures, inefficiency still exists. Due to this, the black marketing of insulin has increased to a great extent. It has compromised the availability of medication concerning diabetes to a great extent. 


According to the recently collected statistics, around 20% of Young diabetic Americans ration insulin. The process of rationing insulin is high for those who do not have private and public insurance.

But all the people secured by insurance coverage generally do not adhere to such practices of rationing insulin. Many policy decisions have been taken to introduce a price cap on the insulins. 

A national policy should regulate the prices in the interest of the people. If all of the measures are not put into place within time, then the availability of insulin would be reduced for people who do not even have insurance coverage and do not ration insulin.

This is one of the most important aspects that has become a cause of worry for diabetic patients. Without insulin, it would be impossible for them to survive. 

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Only in the country of the United States

Rationing is a unique formula reported only in the United States of America. It is not reported in other developed countries for the time being.

This shows the efficiency of other countries in regulating the prices of important medications like insulin over a period of time. This is the best advantage of the growth mechanism reported so far.


The contribution of all the state members and the Federal government is essential in order to control this practice. It will be in the national interest to provide for the availability of Universal treatment at affordable prices. It is practically in the best interest that the decision can be taken.

It will be the biggest blessing to the diabetic patients who suffered to a great extent due to these policy decisions.


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