IntuiTru IQ Reviews: A Safe Formula To Boost Cognitive Function!

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez | Last Updated : December 24, 2021

Hello readers! If you are struggling to figure out if the newly launched IntuiTru IQ is genuine, give a read to my IntuiTru IQ review. 

IntuiTru IQ is a brain health-enhancing supplement that promises to restore your cognitive skills and brain health. The supplement is said to provide vital nutrients to your brain and maintain healthy brain function. So when you consume this capsule every day, you are expected to attain improvements in your cognitive skills that can lead to your optimal performance. 

IntuiTru IQ Reviews: Does This Formula Enhance Your Brain Health?

If you are new to this website, welcome! I am a board-certified neurologist with over 10 years of expertise and have been reviewing health supplements for the past 5 years. It was when one of my clients approached me with IntuiTru IQ, that I really looked into this brain health formula. Turns out it has got some of the nutrients that are essential for the brain to function at its best. 

But I could not take merely that into consideration and allow my client to go ahead with IntuiTru IQ. Because as you know, these days most dietary supplements boast of everything they can to make you purchase them. And without any delay, I sat down to research IntuiTru IQ. 

Keep reading this IntuiTru IQ review to find out what I have discovered and whether you can benefit from this supplement! 

 IntuiTru IQ Reviews
Product Name IntuiTru IQ
Healthy BenefitsIt supports nerve growth in the brain.
CategoryBrain Health
Key IngredientsGaba, Phosphatidylserine, L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine
Unit Count60 Capsules
Age RangeAdults
Servings2 capsules per day
Side effectsMinimal
Results2-3 months
PriceTrial (shipping fee -$4.95)
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is IntuiTru IQ?

IntuiTru IQ is a brain supplement made using key natural ingredients to enhance cognitive function. It is designed to support nerve growth in the brain and boost the function of neurotransmitters. According to the manufacturer, IntuiTru IQ is also referred to as the nootropic or genius pill. 

The supplement formula targets the four key areas of brainpower that is memory, mental energy, brain health, and concentration. IntuiTru IQ is also said to be beneficial for mood enhancement. Each bottle of IntuiTru IQ consists of 60 capsules that are easy to swallow and digest. Upon regular consumption, the supplement is said to boost your brain function for optimal performance. 

Ingredients Used in it

IntuiTru IQ is made using natural ingredients that are clinically proven to nourish the brain:

Gaba: Gamma-Aminobutyric acid is an amino acid that is naturally produced in the brain and serves as a key neurotransmitter. It also acts as a stress regulator and a brain relaxant. Low levels of GABA are associated with elevated stress levels. 

Phosphatidylserine: Also known as a phospholipid, this is a fatty substance that covers and protects the brain cells as well as helps in the transmission of messages. Besides boosting cognitive skills, phosphatidylserine is also known for mood enhancement. 

L-Tyrosine: It is a type of amino acid called tyrosine. This ingredient is commonly used as a supplement to boost attention, memory, and concentration. L-Tyrosine helps in mood enhancement and effective nerve communication since it produces brain chemicals

L-Theanine: This amino acid is commonly used for its ability to regulate happy hormones. L-theanine is known to support sharp memory and other brain functions. 

IntuiTru IQ ingredients

The Science Behind the IntuiTru IQ Formula

According to WebMD, a study where participants consumed phosphatidylserine in supplement form were observed to have significant improvements in their focus, retention, and mood. Phosphatidylserine has also been studied to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. However, more research is required to conclude that phosphatidylserine is indeed effective for sharpening your brain. 

Studies show that L-Theanine can improve mood, cognitive skills, and overall functioning. Particularly, it can increase the production of dopamine, serotonin, and GABA. This can also help restore healthy sleep and appetite that are easily affected by low mood levels, anxiety, depression, etc. 

The Journal of Medicinal Food published a research article titled Effects of l-Theanine on Cognitive Function in Middle-Aged and Older Subjects: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Study. The study was concluded that l-theanine can support stronger attention, retention, and other functions of the brain. 

In the case of GABA, a study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) titled Neurotransmitters as food supplements: the effects of GABA on brain and behavior, it was found that individuals who took food supplements that comprise GABA report improvements in their memory and thinking skills. Nevertheless, researchers state that this is unclear and that the results may likely be a result of the placebo effect. Hence, more study is needed to solidify the effectiveness of GABA on cognition. 

The National Library of Medicine published a research article that talked Effect of tyrosine supplementation on clinical and healthy populations under stress or cognitive demands–A review. The study concluded by stating that when the neurotransmitter function stays constant and DA and/or NE are in their drained state, l-tyrosine may boost cognitive function

As you can see, the ingredients used in the formulation of the IntuiTru IQ Formula have been studied by research for their ability to fuel the brain for cognitive health and function. Although a few of them require more in-depth research to support their effectiveness, the combination of these nutrients in IntuiTru IQ can help treat cognitive decline. 

Does It Really Help?

The proprietary formula of IntuiTru IQ is designed to supply vital nutrients to the brain such that it can effortlessly carry out the 4 key functions. That is mental energy, concentration, better recall, and brain health. It enables the brain to function effectively and eliminates brain fog and fatigue. 

When you take in the capsules of IntuiTru IQ, its nutrients enter the brain and boost brain function that leading to the growth of new neurons and neural pathways. The makers of IntuiTru IQ point out that healthy functioning of the neurotransmitter synthesis can help attain optimal cognition. And since the natural compounds used in this formula are clinically proven to do so, there is an improved transmission of signals that results in better processing of information as well as recollection. 

The blend of vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients in this supplement also promotes oxygenation as well as blood flow to the brain. They fight against the free radicals and inhibit the entry of neurotoxins to maintain optimal brain health and function. 

Considering that IntuiTru IQ has these brain-boosting nutrients in precise quantities, as long as you take the supplement as recommended by the manufacturer, it can help increase your brain health and function. 

IntuiTru IQ working

What’s to like and What’s not to like

While IntuiTru IQ seems to provide adequate nutritional support to the brain, here are some of its key positives:

If you have already gone through a few IntuiTru IQ reviews, you may wonder why none of them talk much about the drawbacks of the supplement. And it doesn’t take much to realize that those are simply marketing tactics to get you to spend your money. Here is what I have gathered in my research of IntuiTru IQ:


  • High-quality natural ingredients. 
  • Research-proven nutrients. 
  • Made in an expert-certified laboratory environment. 
  • Easy to swallow and digest. 
  • Promotes overall brain health. 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


  • Results may not be the same as another. 
  • Minimal side effects. 

Manufacturing standards 

IntuiTru IQ is produced here in the United States in an expert-certified laboratory environment. The facilities used are found to maintain the strict practice of quality and purity standards.

  • The Placebo Test: The randomized-placebo controlled clinical trial is considered to be the gold standard to measure the effectiveness of a medical treatment. The test involves two groups- where one is given the medical treatment/investigational drug itself and the other is given what is known as the placebo which is merely just a sugar pill. Neither of these groups knows what they are being given so it becomes easier for the researchers to find out if the medical treatment was effective than the placebo. 

IntuiTru IQ seems to not have undergone a placebo test and so I can’t confirm the rate at which this capsule is effective. 

  • Ingredients Test: In addition to the available scientific information on the ingredients used inthis capsule, I conducted independent research to see if they can be beneficial for the brain when blended in precise quantities. And this is what I found; 
  • Safety: On the official website of IntuiTru IQ, the manufacturer states that the supplement is made in an expert-certified laboratory, which I have mentioned before. The pill has also undergone scientific testing and is made in top facilities. The makers also state that each capsule of IntuiTru IQ is put through scientific quality assurance testing at each lab stage. As per the supplement label, the ingredients involved are natural. 
  • Effectiveness: The brain health-boosting ingredients used in the formulation of IntuiTru IQ are found to be in exact quantities such that they provide adequate nutritional support for improved cognition. 
  • Dosage: There are 60 capsules per bottle of IntuiTru IQ. You may take in the supplement as recommended on the supplement label. 

IntuiTru IQ Customer reviews and Complaints

From what I have seen, IntuiTru IQ seems to be a success for many as most users state that the supplement has helped improve their thinking skills and memory. Nevertheless, for better insight, I got in touch with a few of the real-life users of IntuiTru IQ. This is what they said; 

  • Emma Roberts, Tennessee 

I have been using this supplement for a month and until now, the supplement has worked pretty well. I was afraid to give it a try in fear of encountering any side effects but thankfully, there has been none so far. In fact, not only can I remember and focus better but also feel more happy and lively these days. I am excited to see what more it can bring. 

  • Jake Anderson, Washington 

IntuiTru IQ was actually recommended by my cousin who is studying Neurology. I was struggling to remember stuff and found it really difficult to pay attention to anything at all. He clearly saw my frustration and asked me to give a shot to IntuiTru IQ. On one hand, he was curious about the results as he knew the ingredients involved. Whereas on the other, I had no hope. I have been using this capsule for 6 months now and life has never been this easier! I can recollect information and events much easier and have been sleeping better too. 

  • Tyler James, Texas 

As usual, I was researching on the internet about the foods I can add to my diet that can boost my cognitive skills since I was preparing for a very important test. I could not afford to fail at any cost and I was ready to switch my diet as required. That’s when I saw an advertisement for IntuiTru IQ. Since I see many of these almost every day, I decided to ignore them because I didn’t believe they could actually do something. The ingredients list is what persuaded me to try and I am happy to announce that I got a full A on my test! I have recommended IntuiTru IQ to a lot of my friends. 

Tips To Boost Results

Regular use of IntuiTru IQ may help you attain the desired results. But relying solely on a dietary pill to keep your brain at healthy function is something I would not recommend. So here are a few tips you can make use of; 

  • Strict Diet: A healthy diet can go a long way if you stick to it alongside IntuiTru IQ. This can be beneficial to provide nutritional support for your general health and wellness, while also amplifying the benefits of this brain enhancement formula. 
  • Exercises: Science has proven that simple activities like learning to play music, aerobic exercises, playing cards or jigsaw puzzles, etc, can all boost mental energy, memory, and focus. Moreover, these can help you stay relaxed which naturally improves your performance as well. 

These two methods can enable you to stick to a healthy lifestyle while practicing consistent use of IntuiTru IQ. 

Expert Advice

The capsule form of IntuiTru IQ makes it easier to use. However, make sure that you stick to the dosage recommended by the manufacturer. While daily use of a dietary supplement can facilitate maximum results, experts state that prolonged use of IntuiTru IQ for at least 2-3 months can help you achieve stronger and lasting results. 

Most importantly, it is wise to talk to your doctor before starting this memory boost formula. Because this can help you attain personal advice on whether the supplement is safe for your body or not, even crucial if you have any health issues at present or are taking medications. IntuiTru IQ should not be used by those under the age of 18, pregnant and lactating women. 

And if you are buying this capsule, its official website is the only platform I would suggest you go to. I have come across replicate websites of IntuiTru IQ and many customers have reported the same as well. So make sure that you approach the official website of the supplement. 

IntuiTru IQ Pricing

IntuiTru IQ comes in the form of a 30 day supply on its official website at $4.95 which is the shipping charge. As part of the exclusive IntuiTru IQ auto-shipment program, you will receive 1 bottle of the supplement every month.

You can cancel the auto-shipment anytime and may visit or contact 888-544-7532. According to the official website, IntuiTru IQ is in high demand, and therefore it is advised to purchase while stock is available.  

A 100% satisfaction guarantee is provided for this formula that assures the effectiveness of the supplement. 

Our Final Take On IntuiTru IQ Reviews

IntuiTru IQ can be considered a safe and cost-effective solution to restore memory, thinking skills, and mental energy. Its mixture of brain-health-boosting nutrients combat the deficiencies and elevate cognitive function. 

The quality and purity of its ingredients and manufacturing process prove that you are less likely to encounter any unexpected reactions. But at the end of the day, the results are dependant on the consistency with which you take IntuiTru IQ in the suggested amounts. 

Based on some of the authentic IntuiTru IQ reviews and my own research, I can say that this formula has been helpful for many in improving cognitive skills and mood. With the 100% satisfaction guarantee assured by the manufacturer, you may benefit from this brain supplement as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get the most effective results of IntuiTru IQ? 

It is directed by the manufacturer and experts to maintain regular use of IntuiTru IQ, preferably for 2-3 months to fully nourish your brain. 

Can I take IntuiTru IQ with my meds? 

It would be best to seek advice from a medical professional to avoid any unnecessary reactions. 

Is IntuiTru IQ available on Amazon? 

IntuiTru IQ is sold only on its official website. 

Is IntuiTru IQ safe? 

IntuiTru IQ is said to be made in an expert-certified laboratory environment by strictly following the quality and purity standards. The supplement has undergone scientific testing to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness to its users.

Is IntuiTru IQ suitable for those below 18 years of age? 

No. IntuiTru IQ is specifically designed for individuals above 18. 


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