Is Johnny Depp a Wife Beater?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 3, 2020

A U.K. judge ruled on Monday that, following a tense legal confrontation this summer, the 2018 storey in the U.K. table The Sun calling Johnny Depp a “Wife Beater” was not objectionable.

Is Johnny Depp a Wife Beater?

Right after the coronavirus hearing on the high court in London, Judge Andrew Nicol delivered his decision in writing and rejection at The Sun, finding that Amber Heard’s allegations of attack could “prove themselves to be civil normal.” Their claims were “significant majority.” The decision came as a shock but proved that Depp is a wife beater.

The court report, published Monday to USA TODAY, read that “The appellant was not successful in his action on libelling.” “Although he has demonstrated in divorce the requisite elements of his argument, the defendant has demonstrated how significantly real is their publication in the way I have mentioned in the terms he carries.” In a case in March 2015, to protect her sister, Heard was justified in punching Depp. Heard noted, although he eventually side-walked with Heard’s assertions that Depp hit her on the mobile phone in a different event of May 2016 in which he alleged that physical harassment would lead to a lawsuit to stop her marriages, as well as a proposal for a restraining order in favour of domestic violence.

The decision was described by a lawyer for Depp, aged 57, as “perverse as confounding.” Jenny Afia said in a statement to the USA every day that “The verdict is so flawed that it would be absurd for Depp not to appeal this ruling.” A Heard lawyer said, however, that the decision “was not a disappointment” to those who went through the hearing. The Sun describes this decision as a ‘wonderful triumph for freedom of the press’ and states it has advocated for more than 20 years for victims of domestic violence.

The spokesperson for the tabloid said in a tweet, “Domestic violence victims can never be silenced, and we thank the Judge for his diligent concern and Amber Heard for their bravery in demonstrating facts to the court. In July, Depp and Heard had the dramatic tri-week court battle, unveiling the celebrity couple who met in a series of comedies dubbed “The Rum Diary,” married in Los Angeles in 2015, split and divorced the next year and revealed ugly allegations of verbal and physical violence, substance and alcoholic harassment and turbulent privacy.

Depp sued The Sun publisher, News Group Newspaper and CEO Dan Wootton over his 2018 report saying that the star was Heard’s “wife-beater,” with words such as “alleged” or “accused” without accompanying the mark. His marriage, Depp told Heard several times, was “a crime scene waiting to take place,” he witnessed. Heard refuted all the accusations he had made, and countered their relationship abusers.

During closing arguments in July, David Sherborne, Depp’s counsel, said that the actor firmly refuted “this reputationally damaging, end-of-life accusation which urged J.K. Rowling’s idea that Depp had shot her ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ movie version gave the misguided belief Depp had been ‘tried, arrested and punished’ for domestic violence, comparing it to former billionaire movie film and convicted sex abuser Harvey Weinstein.

At the time Depp was no doubt “regularly and routinely abused his wife,” NGN’s attorneys, Sasha Wass, said, and hence the name “wife beater” was warranted. Heard had acted as The Sun’s lead witness and, according to a video shared in The Telegraph newspaper on YouTube, made a speech on the courthouse steps of a crowd of reporters and spectators.

David Sherborne, the lawyer for Depp, stated in closing argument in Juillet that the star firmly denied “this reputably damaging, life-end allegation asking J.K. Rolling to accept that Depp fired her ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Locate Them’ movie version and that Depp’s misconceptions had been ‘checking, arresting, prosecuting,’ contrasting it to the old milliardaire mo.’ At that time the lawyers of NGN, Sasha Wass, found that Depp had “regularly and systematically raped his female,” hence the name of the “woman beater” was justified.

Heard was the lead witness of The Sun and spoke about the courtroom steps of a crowd of journalists and observers, according to a recording in The Telegraph’s online YouTube newspaper. Ms Heard said that before her engagement, the first time that Mr Depp attacked her was in 2013. Three times after a debate about one of her tattoos, she said on this occasion, he struck her. The tattoo read “Winona forever,” referring to Mr Depp’s former partner, Winona Ryder, but he had it modified to read “Wino eternally.”

Ms Heard said of the third blow, ‘It looked like my eye popped out,’ she said, ‘It knocked her off balance and on the floor. In her closing statements, Sasha Wass, a lawyer in the publication, told the court that Mr Depp’s abuse was due to an embarrassment for the freedom of Mrs Heard as well as his use of drugs and alcohol. Ms Wass said Mr Depp had used so many drugs “his abuse and horrible conduct was maybe not yet known to him.”

At the hearing, Mr Depp’s team argued that Ms Heard was bully, provoking arguments, and tossing a vodka bottle, cracking his fingertip, in one case in Australia. Ms Learned testified that as she was breaking a handset close to her head, Depp had sliced his fingertips. Women’s rights organisations in England have commended the decision. “This is a significant decision, and one we think will give you a powerful message.

Women’s rights organisations in England have commended the decision. Lisa King, a spokesperson for the Refuge, a U.K. organisation for domestic violence survivors, told a statement: “It is important to get an important ruling and one that we trust gives out an obvious message: every victim of domestic violence should be spoken to and should be heard,”

When the case was heard in July, the fact that only lurid tabloid reports and movie-world rumours were created always seemed. Innumerable uncomfortable facts concerning the marriage of Mr Depp and Mrs Heard is aired.

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