Is Spondylosis Serious? Symptoms And Causes

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 15, 2022

Are you aware of spondylosis and its symptoms? If not, let me tell you what spondylosis is and the effect it has on your body.

Whenever there is a disruption in the movement of your spines you are prone to spondylosis, which is similar to arthritis. Any wear and tear in your spine can be interlinked with it.

Your neck area consists of spinal disks and any age-related injury of the same could lead to it. These wear and tear occur as a result of age issues.

As you age the spinal disks are prone to be dehydrated and they suffer damage or shrinkage. Over 80 percent of the population who are in the age category of sixty to seventy experience this. 


There have been many instances where a person had spondylosis but did not experience any symptoms. But whenever you experience any stiffness or increased pain in your neck area you have to be careful and take adequate precautions.

Is Spondylosis Serious Symptoms And Causes

After conducting a series of experiments and forming conclusions based on a number of surveys, the medical experts have jotted down a few repeated symptoms which were faced by people who were diagnosed with spondylosis.

A few of these symptoms include difficulties in walking, lack of coordination in your bodily movements, sudden weakness in your arms, legs, and other muscles and unregulated bowel control, and weaker bladder.

If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms all of a sudden it is advisable to visit a medical expert and check if you have spondylosis. 

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The chances of wear and tear in the neck and backbone increase rapidly and this will lead to a serious condition of spondylosis.

  • Dehydrated disks

One of the major causes of this is the presence of a dehydrated disk. The bones of your spine are separated by certain disks which are present in between your spine’s vertebrates. But once a person crosses forty-five years of age, these disks will become weak and are more prone to shrinkage.

When these disks shrink and become smaller in size, the bones in your vertebrates will come in direct contact with one another and this will result in wear and tear of the bones. As much as dehydrated disks cause spondylosis the presence of a Herniated disk will worsen the damage. 

  • Herniated disks

A herniated disk occurs as a result of cracks on your spines. These cracks will directly target your spinal cord and the roots of your nerves and will increase the wear and tear caused.

  • Bone spurs

This is due to dehydrated and herniated disks that will weaken your entire spine area and to nullify this, your body will undergo a spurring of bones. During bone spurring an increased amount of bones will be manufactured by your body to strengthen the spine. But the amount of production of bones by your body is highly uncertain and at times it will do more damage than repair the situation. 

  • Stiffen neck

If you have experienced any form of neck injury in your life you are more susceptible to spondylosis. If you are working in a job that causes increased strain to your neck region or if you are experiencing an increased amount of stress your neck area will stiffen and this will make you more prone to it. 


Medical experts have devised many forms of physical therapy to relieve the pain caused due to spondylosis.

Stretching and neck traction exercises will ensure the flexibility of your neck and help strengthen the nerves on your neck and your spinal cord.

The application of ice and heat massages can also help relieve the pain caused due to this.

Since more than 80% of the population experiences spondylosis in one form or another, medical experts are constantly devising newer forms of treatment to keep this at bay.


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