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It Is Still Not Over For The Trump Supporters Yet

The results are out, and Biden has won by defeating Donald Trump with a huge margin. The people are pleased and are proud of their decision.  But for Trump and his followers, the race is not over yet. He has tried possible attempt so far to win the election however none of the methods that were devised so far was of any use. Instead, after having been confirmed that he has been defeated, he was in the first place not ready to accept the fact that he has been defeated.

It Is Still Not Over For The Trump Supporters Yet

Also, he made every possible effort to defy this statement and provide for the time being that it has been part and parcel of the conspiracy wherein he has been declared defeated. In contrast, the other candidate who has won the election so far has been projected as a winner. Also, he tried to become a part of different possible tactics after the results were declared. The next step in line was to get himself involved in the worst form of mud smuggling, wherein he accused the opposite winning party to have engaged in embezzlement.At the same time, an attempt was made to provide for the fact that the new candidate Joe Bidden had misconducted and involved in various kinds of violent activities to measure the result.

It was alleged by the party members that the winning team has not played with the trust of the public so far. They also claimed that this had been the person who has been responsible for every occasion of misdemeanours and hence he has consistently been after the votes of the party. He has been affected by the dignity of the people so far. He further proclaimed that this manner was not how the ultimate results were to be recorded. They were further accused of torturing the voters to vote for them as, by their views, nobody in the entire country of the United States of America was willing to cast a vote for them. 

This shows a very saddening state of affairs that in the country like the United States of America, the two main senior and major parties have been engaged in those activities which have never been the reason of causing turmoil in the country. This is nothing but sheer negligence. This is nothing but sheer lack of tolerance wherein one party is not in the position to win, and the other party is not able to tolerate the fact that this thing can be achieved.

Further details of the individuals and the incidents have already been done and dusted. These additional fights will be acting to the detriment of the country of the United States of America. Hence, in such situations, an attempt must be made to save the democracy in the country to the extent of raising the fears of superpowers like the US which is more imperative in the present day. 

The era of the mud smuggling has been over. Therefore, it is expected out of parties to provide for the fact that any such activity will affect how the future comprehensive towers take place. Hence, in such situation care must be taken to provide for the fact that it is high time for the trump government to provide for the fact that what will be the internal procedures. In such situations, the upkeep of trust on the parties of the country should be maintained to the maximum number of times. This is the need of the hour for the time being. 

The people have voted for the deserving candidate, and Trump has to accept this fact. Also, the mistakes that he has done in the past were not tolerable. He has been a negligent and careless leader, and this was his biggest mistake. Had he been a better leader, the people might have thought of bringing him back. There was no choice left. Biden, on the other hand, seems to be a much mature person who will be able to bring back the lost glory of the country. He has promised a lot of things, and people hope that he does not forget them and takes a quick action on the same.

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