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J & J Announces Preliminary Test Success Of Their COVID-19 Vaccine

Johnson & Johnson company has announced its victory on the preliminary tests of their coronavirus vaccine. The initial success of the experiment would lead to the progress of the vaccine’s final testing stages soon.

According to the results, almost all of those who received the dose after enrolling in the test could create an immune response by the vaccine but with minimal side effects. 

J & J Announces Preliminary Test Success Of Their COVID-19 Vaccine

The preliminary test will be followed by three other final trials to reach conclusions to determine the efficacy of the virus on people to defeat the coronavirus pandemic. 

J & J Announces Preliminary Test Success Of Their COVID-19 Vaccine

The company developed it as a single dose vaccine. Presently, the company is researching whether the immune response would increase its efficacy and durability after a second dose is given.

J & J will share more details of their vaccine and its preliminary test by the end of this month. To seek authorization from the U.S Food and Drug Administration soon after they release it.

If J & J receives authorization from the FDA, they will distribute 100 million doses to the U.S government as per they made the contract. 

A report came on Wednesday saying that the company is already on track to produce enough doses. The company commented that to talk about the supply of the vaccine is premature but the company is confident that they will meet the government commitments.

The company said that they are committed to the safety and efficacy of the vaccine on people on a non-profit basis for its use in the present emergency. 

The company enrolled around 45,000 participants in the last month for the preliminary test. This number wAs enough to find out the vaccine’s efficacy as well as side effects. 

The company’s lab in Belgium, Janssen Pharmaceutica was the venue where the vaccine was developed. It was made upon the base of viral adenovirus vector technology.

The vaccine from Oxford University, AstraZeneca was also developed under the same technology which also requires a single dose.

The vaccine from J & J will make it easier to immunize people as it requires a single shot. Whereas both the two approved vaccines in the U.S., Moderna and Pfizer require two doses.

Currently, the two-dose vaccines show some complications in giving the shots on the arms as the supplies distributed were limited.

Many states in the country are already run out of the doses that have been distributed, though the initial doses are only given to those who were prioritized by the authority.

In that case, it is hopeful that the J&J vaccine is about to be introduced and requires only a single dose. 

It is also appreciable that the vaccine doesn’t require any infrastructure to transport as it can stay stable for around three months in normal refrigerated temperature.

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