January 4,2022 Deadline Set By White House For Private And Large Firms

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 8, 2021

US’President Joe Biden’s administration has sent out a declaration on Thursday, the 4th of November,2022 that all the large as well as private

January 4,2022 Deadline Set By White House For Private And Large Firms

As per the Biden administration’s plan of action that is applicable to all the firms and businesses with a workforce of hundred or more employees, all the workers who are not fully vaccinated will mandatorily have to undergo COVID 19 testing every week as per a report released by the New York Times. The Biden administration’s plan of action is estimated to cover as many as eighty four million private sector employees.

United States’ President Joe Biden had already made an announcement regarding these measures for the very first time in the month of September, 2021.  The President’s office had ordered the Labor Department to start the implementation of the vaccine mandates by calling on its emergency control over the safety of the workplaces.

President Joe Biden’s office also declared that all the companies must set a regulation wherein they provide their employees paid day offs for the purpose of getting themselves vaccinated as well as providing them paid sick leaves in case they develop any adverse side effects after getting their vaccine shots as per reports by The New York Times.

January 4,2022 Deadline Set By White House For Private And Large Firms

In case the companies fail to follow the vaccine mandates, they are likely to be fined for non compliance, even though that will be dependent on how frequently the businesses violate the rules as well as whether their non compliance is intentional and unreasonable or if it is justifiable, as per an official at the White House.

As a response to the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates, some of the major companies of The United States of America like The United Airlines and the American multinational corporation, Tyson Foods, Inc had an immediate positive response for implementing the vaccine mandates. However, many other big U.S companies have put the implementation of the vaccine mandates on hold, while they wait for further clarification from the country’s Government on many issues that are still not clearly addressed, like who is supposed to pay the bills for the weekly testing of employees who are not fully vaccinated and whether the vaccine mandates are applicable to the employees who are working from home.

As per reports from The New York Times, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has published a new set of requirements and guidelines on Thursday, 4th November 2021 to address a lot of those queries. As per experts, these new guidelines are expected to trigger a fresh set of company mandates.

One of the companies that has not yet implemented the vaccine mandates for all its employees includes the largest employer of United States, American multinational retail corporation, Walmart Inc as currently, only its corporate staff members are subject to the vaccine mandates.

Prior to this policy, the Biden administration had passed the vaccine mandates for businesses that receive federal contracts and federal workers.

The New York Times further reported on Thursday that the White House had announced a January 4th 2022 deadline for all the seventeen million employees at health care facilities who receive either Medicaid or Medicare funding to be fully vaccinated against the virus. This would also include all the workers at nursing homes whose residents would be at a high risk of getting infected with Corona virus.

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