Jerry Bruckheimer Says Johnny Depp Won’t Return To The Franchise!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : May 18, 2022

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise appears to be moving on five years after Johnny Depp’s final appearance as Jack Sparrow.

Johnny Depp Isn’t Returning To The ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Franchise, Says The Producer – “Not At This Point”

There are two additional “Pirates” scripts in the works, but neither will involve Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, according to producer Jerry Bruckheimer Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl” was nominated for an Academy Award, and his most recent appearance in the Disney-owned franchise was “Dead Men Tell No Tales” released in 2017.

Jerry Bruckheimer Says Johnny Depp Won't Return To The Franchise

There is a phone conversation taking place with Margot Robbie right now. In an update on the series, Bruckheimer told The Sunday Times, “We’re working on two Pirates scripts, one with her and one without. What do you think? [Will Johnny Depp return?] “Not at this time. However, the future is still unknown.

Christina Hodson, who penned “Birds of Prey,” collaborated on the “Pirates of the Caribbean 6” script, with Robbie as executive producer and the principal star, and the film is scheduled for 2020.

Depp is suing Amber Heard for $50 million in defamation after the actress penned an op-ed for the Washington Post alleging domestic abuse against her ex-husband, Johnny.

Johnny Depp‘s attorney, Jack Whigham, said in court on May 2 that Johnny Depp was set to receive $22.5 million for the sequel to “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Heard’s piece was published, and it seems Disney decided to “go in a new direction” afterward.

Depp indicated throughout the trial that he intends to finish the nearly 20-year-long feature film series in which he has played Jack Sparrow.

Johnnie Depp said, “I felt that these characters should be given the opportunity to say their final farewells with dignity.” “A series can only go so long, and there is a way to end one like that, and I believed the characters deserved a way out, to end the franchise on a high note.” I meant to keep going until it was time to call it quits.”

Mads Mikkelsen will replace Johnny Depp in Warner Bros.’ “Fantastic Beasts” trilogy when he leaves in 2020. Ed Wood’s actor also blasted distributors for allegedly “burying” the biopic “Minimata.” Before his legal battle with Amber Heard, Johnny Depp claimed that Hollywood had “boycotted” him.

Who Is Suing Whom, And For What Reasons?

As of this writing, Amber Heard has filed a defamation lawsuit against Johnny Depp based on an op-ed piece for the Washington Post she published in 2018. The op-ed started, “I came out against sexual violence and faced our culture’s anger.” It’s time for a shift in this situation” Johnny Depp is never mentioned by Amber Heard, who characterizes herself as “a public person who represents domestic abuse.”

A year after they started dating, Heard claims her ex-husband slapped her, head-butted her, and shoved her to the ground in a series of episodes that began in 2013. Since then, Mr. Depp has accused her of punching, kicking, and throwing things at him.

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