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The Johnson’s and Johnson’s Single Shot Vaccine To Be Distributed Immediately

With the Johnson’s and Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine’ emergency use authorization this Saturday by the Food and Drug Administrator (FDA), the Biden administration is keen to begin its rollout immediately. 

The Johnson’s and Johnson’s Single Shot Vaccine To Be Distributed Immediately

The J&J vaccine was approved Saturday by the FDA after it gets the nod from the FDA advisory committee. On Friday, the advisory committee members had unanimously announced the safety and efficacy of the J&J vaccine. Earlier last week, the FDA also released the clinical data of the vaccine trials over people of different age groups, races, and ethnicities in different countries. It was found that the vaccine is 72% effective against Americans while a 66% efficiency is reported overall.

The Johnson's and Johnson's Single Shot Vaccine To Be Distributed Immediately

The J&J vaccine is also reported to be less effective in people of age group 69 and above that have medical conditions like diabetes or heart diseases. But the FDA has noted that the data was not sufficient to draw any final conclusion over this matter.

The government had already purchased millions of doses of the vaccine developed by Johnson’s and Johnson’s. The administration is hoping that the first dose of the recently approved vaccine should be administered as early as Tuesday this week. With this, the single-shot vaccine will increase the number of fully vaccinated people in the country. 

The other two vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, are already in use under emergency authorization. But these vaccines require one to receive two doses within a month apart. This has somewhat delayed in achieving the fully vaccinated population goal. The vaccines are 96% effective until now, without any serious side effects, these are the preferred choices by the residents.

But on the other hand, Johnson’s and Johnson’s vaccine had shown a 100% efficacy at preventing death and hospitalization due to the coronavirus in mild to severe cases. 

Johnson’s and Johnson’s was signed off for emergency authorization of its vaccine over last weekend. Both the FDA and the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) gave their nod for the distribution of the vaccine. The vaccine is deemed safe and authorized to be administered to people of age 18 or above. 

CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky signed off the approval, which now has given way to the federal authorities to start shipping the doses at the vaccination sites across States. 

Walensky tweeted that the day marked an encouraging step towards the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. She added that she signed the CDC’ advisory committee on immunization practices (ACIP) recommendations that has unanimously approved the effectiveness as well as safety of Jennsen’s COVID-19 vaccine for people 18 years and up. Jennesn Biotech is an arm of Johnson’s and Johnson’s company. 

 The drugmaker has committed to deliver about 4 million doses to America this week as per the statement given by J&J’s vice president of medical affairs, Dr. Richard Nettles.

Officials at Johnson’s and Johnson’s said that the deliveries could be uneven after the first consignment through March.

But they said that the company is set to deliver around 20 million doses by the end of March. Johnson’s and Johnson’s have agreed to deliver a hundred million vaccine doses to America by summer.

The government on Sunday has announced to start administration of the vaccine as early as possible. 

The vaccine could easily be shipped to many parts of the country with easy handling guidelines. This is going to give a boost to the country’s immunization program against COVID-19. The vaccine is suitable to be kept under normal refrigeration temperatures that too for about a period of 3 months.  This makes it available at many pharmacies without advanced infrastructure for storage. 

This week, Americans are getting a step ahead in the fight against the coronavirus.

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