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President Joe Biden Resisted Vaccine Mandates So Far

President Joe Biden said on Thursday that 67 million eligible unvaccinated people of the US must get vaccinated, and he acknowledged that his first instincts aren’t mandating them.

Before taking office in January, Biden ruled out such measures but thinks that this is the only tactic now considering millions of people are stubborn to not get vaccinated jeopardizing people around them and the nation.

President Joe Biden Resisted Vaccine Mandates So Far

In an event in suburban Chicago, he said that if there is no other way to combat the COVID-19 then we have to get people vaccinated against it. In upcoming weeks, roughly a hundred million people in the US will be subjected to vaccine mandates ordered by President Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden Resisted Vaccine Mandates So Far

Forcing citizens to do something they do not want to is not a good winning strategy. And yet a majority of people on his side, believe this is the only option left. He agreed that vaccine mandates are a tough decision. It will be politics for some and unpopular to many, but it will prove to be life-saving and game-changing for the nation.

Surprisingly, vaccine requirements are gaining popular support. People are hoping to battle the pandemic that has killed more than 700,000 people in the United States. People are now slowly understanding that vaccines might be the only way to come out of the pandemic safely.

Biden went by Clayco’s construction site, which has mandated vaccines for their employers with an option to do regular testing a week ahead of the order of Occupational Safety and Health Administration coming into effect.

Addressing the company’s officials, Biden said that they are setting a very bold full example and he wishes more employers to act like them.

Biden encouraged employers all around the country to act ahead of OSHA rule and edit that they should mandate vaccines without offering their employees the testing option.

Biden also met Scott Kirby, the CEO of United Airlines, a company that mandated vaccines for its employees without giving them the option to test out. Less than 1% of the employees have not complied.

Georgetown University’s public health expert, Lawrence Gostin said that the mandates imposed by Biden are working spectacularly. He said that his orders have positively infected states, cities, and businesses.

The officials anticipated that there was a growing need to impose a forceful vaccination program. But in politics, such mandates would have proven to be counterproductive.

Thus, officials engaged in urging people to get vaccinated and introducing mandates on primary levels like businesses and schools. But it wasn’t enough.

By summer the highly contagious delta variant emerged in the US. It eroded months of progress in the health and economic sphere. Biden‘s strategy had to shift to compulsion.

Gostin said that it is a good political strategy, and it is also beneficial for Public Health. As more people get vaccinated, mandates would become more acceptable.

They started out by requiring vaccination for federal workers serving veterans. It was then followed by military and Frontline health workers, finally reaching 80 million Americans working at large and mid-sized companies.

In July more than 100 million eligible Americans were unvaccinated. Since the state, federal, and private mandates have been imposed, these figures have been reduced to one-third.

Biden said that these mandates are already working.

While vaccinations were the only tool to fight COVID-19, Biden resisted mandating them at least thus far. Until recently shots were required only for International or interstate travels.

Jeff Zeints, The White House response coordinator of COVID-19 said that their track record shows that the numbers are reaching the required vaccination rate. And they would not take anything off the table.

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