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Joe Biden Agrees That Social Media Platforms Could Be Killing People Via Covid Misinformation

The President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, was seen recently stating about social media platforms as he states that platforms like Facebook are supposedly killing people with misinformation about the coronavirus, as even agreed by infectious disease experts. The founding director named Dr. Nahid Bhadelia, of the Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases at the University of Boston told CNBC about how medically she agrees with the President of America, Joe Biden’s assertion about platforms like Facebook harming people by allowing the Coronavirus vaccine misinformation through their services.

Joe Biden Agrees That Social Media Platforms Could Be Killing People Via Covid Misinformation

As she added, she thinks social media is playing a huge role in enhancing misinformation which is then leading to people who are not taking the vaccine jabs either, which is, in turn, killing them. It is now the truth that coronavirus, at the moment, is a vaccine-preventable disease, Bhadelia added.

Joe Biden Agrees That Social Media Platforms Could Be Killing People Via Covid Misinformation

Bhadelia pointed a few findings by the Kaiser Family Fund Survey and found that 54% of the citizens of America have either believed in or cannot differentiate whether the common Covid-19 virus vaccine is a fiction or a myth. 

The US is now seen struggling with a lagging vaccination rate and an increase in infections. All the states, which are 50 states, have reported a jump in the cases of Covid-19 over the past one week as per John Hopkins Data Information.  The US is now seeing an average of, higher than, 26,000 new cases per day. In two months, that has been known to be the highest number as per John Hopkins. 

Bhadelia also mentioned how she believes social media companies can help a lot more to stop disseminating information about the news with Shepard Smith. She added that they need to put more investment in resources and enhance their balance of taking that piece of information down more quickly and invest more resources in having a change in their matrix because as of now, what gets on top of your page is not what is right, it is what is popular. 

Bhadelia also put out suggestions about social media companies forming more partnerships with public health authorities to push through, the right piece of information to people out there. Facebook was finally seen speaking out against the claims that were being made by the White House.

A spokesperson stated that they will not be distracted by several of these accusations that are not supported by any facts. The fact is that more than 2 billion people are seen viewing authoritative information about the Coronavirus and its vaccines, on Facebook. This is more than any place on the internet.

It has also been cited that more than 3.3 million Americans have used their vaccine finder took which helps one find out where and how to get your vaccination shots. The facts seem to show that Facebook is helping save lives. There is no denying that the social media platforms do have a way of giving out misinformed facts but lately, a lot has been happening in regards to the Coronavirus. 

Along with Coronavirus, its strains are known to be highly contagious and transmissible which should help keep our safety measures on point. The funny fact is that people are not willing to even mask up thinking it is of no use now as the vaccines are out.

We need to understand that ALL precautionary measures are needed to be taken still, as the pandemic is not over yet. The Covid-19 strains are known to spread like fire and are successfully doing it with the number of hospitalizations and deaths increasing, although at a slower speed.

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