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Johnson And Johnson Coming Up With Single Dose Vaccine

There is some good news with regards to the vaccine development program in the US. Johnson & Johnson is all set to bring out its single dose covid-19 vaccine in the near future. The company has said that they are conducting the final stages of clinical trials and the results are promising. Considering these developments, the company is likely to approach the FDA in the next few months to get approval for emergency use authorisation.

Johnson And Johnson Coming Up With Single Dose Vaccine

The FDA officials are also monitoring the progress at this stage. The officials said that the recommendation committee will look into the details of the clinical trials and suggest the vaccine if it is found to be safe and effective against covid-19.

Johnson And Johnson Coming Up With Single Dose Vaccine

The interesting thing about the vaccine is that it is a single dose vaccine unlike the other vaccines available in the market. In this way, the distribution process can be done in a hassle free manner as the authorities need not worry about storing another dose of vaccine to be given to all the participants.

As of now, the two covid-19 vaccines approved by the FDA need to be given in two doses in a scheduled interval. The Pfizer vaccine needs to be given in two doses and the scheduled interval between both the doses is about 21 days. On the other hand, the Moderna vaccine has to be given at a scheduled interval of about 28 days.

This has become a big hurdle for the vaccine distribution program as the authorities need to manage the supplies in accordance with the dosage guidelines. Several states are keeping a huge stock of available vaccines in order to provide the second dose of vaccine for the people who receive the first dose in the mass vaccination program. Due to the confusion in the distribution process, only about one third of the available vaccines have been administered across the country.

As there is no clarity with regards to the supply of vaccines in the near future, several authorities do not want to take any risk and they are storing a second dose of vaccine so that people can be offered complete protection against coronavirus in the near future. On the other hand, several experts are suggesting that it is a good idea to give the first dose of vaccine to as many people as possible within a short duration of time. Experts feel that if there is a slight delay in giving the second dose of vaccine, it would not make much difference in the long run.

Some countries are also thinking towards delaying the second dose of covid-19 by nearly 12 weeks. Several experts have criticized this approach and even the CDC has said that it is not in favour of extending the scheduled interval for the second dose of covid-19. As the clinical trials were done with a proper schedule of three to four weeks gap between the two doses, there is no evidence that the vaccine would still be effective if the interval is increased by a huge margin.

According to available reports, the first dose of covid-19 vaccine provides about 40% protection and this goes up to 95% after receiving the second dose. Given this situation, it is inevitable for everyone to receive both the doses in order to receive complete protection.

This is where authorities are betting on Johnson & Johnson vaccine to change the entire scenario in the near future. As this vaccine is given in a single dose, it is likely to offer maximum protection within a short duration of time. In this manner, the authorities will have more flexibility with regard to the vaccine distribution program. It would be interesting to see further development with regards to the clinical trial results of this vaccine.

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