Johnson And Johnson Recipients Should Wait

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 19, 2021

Dr. Willaim Schaffner’s medical centre which is located in Nashville, Tennessee has reported that they have been receiving calls and emails regarding COVID-19 booster shots. This started after US Centres of Disease Control and prevention and FDA too announced booster shots to immunocompromised people who were the recipients of Pfizer and Moderna medicines. Biden administration is known to recommend COVID booster shots to all Americans soon regardless of age who have taken their second dose of vaccination eight months back. This plan is going to be finalized soon in White house.

Johnson And Johnson Recipients Should Wait

A confusion has crept in now as about 14 million people in US are single dose vaccinated which was available from Johnson and Johnson. Others have taken double dose of mRNA Vaccine. Therefore, it looks like currently those who took single dose of Johnson and Johnson vaccine are out of this plan and have to wait.

Johnson And Johnson Recipients Should Wait

Dr Schaffner has said the recipients of Johnson and Johnson vaccine are not neglected but currently the initial data and talks have not addressed them. For those who are concerned Schaffner says best thing to do is wait as without the right data it is impossible to recommend anything. Schaffner is the professor in Division of infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University.

J and J vaccine researchers have reported last month that their vaccine would provide immunity a minimum of eight months or even longer. The J and J vaccine is proved to be effective against delta variant too in such case there is no need to panic about booster shots immediately. But J and J has promised to roll out confirmation on this. They have also been gathering data to study if booster shots are necessary. J and J has ensured that they are diligently working to evaluate the ongoing trials and assess if booster shots of vaccine are required.

Vaccines – different timelines and studies

Over the years’ world has seen different sorts of vaccinations. Shots like tetanus need booster shots every ten years as the immunity is proven to fade within time. Flu shots need to taken annually.  With the new COVID-19 virus researchers are figuring out the nature of immunity and how long it stays and fades. Pfizer and Moderna have submitted their initial research data in which they have shown their support for booster shots. Pfizer and Moderna were authorized in last December but at that time J and J was still researching and collecting data. The J and J has used a different technology than mRNA vaccinations, they have used viral vector. It delivers genetic materials directly into cells through fatty particles. Immunocompromised people who have taken the mRNA vaccine have been seen to benefit from the booster shot so far, but the same cannot be said for those who took the J&J vaccine.

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Mixing the vaccination shots

There were questions regarding receiving a booster shot from other company even if the individual is a recipient of J and J vaccine. CDC has advised people to stick with their shot which they got initially. CDC believes there is no ample data to declare if mixing of vaccines is a safe idea or not.

Health officials of Germany had announced that people who received AstraZeneca as their first dose could receive mRNA second dose. This vaccination mix was also found to increase the immunity. Angela Markell, the Chancellor of Germany paved the way and received Moderna vaccine even though her first dose was AstraZeneca. In San Francisco people are getting vaccinated with Pfizer and Moderna post J and J dose. Dr Schaffner has been urging everyone to get fully vaccinated and wait for booster shots data. Especially for J and J recipients waiting is the way.

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