Johnson & Johnson To Launch Their Booster Shots?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 5, 2021

After the success of Pfizer`s booster shots, Johnson & Johnson is now all ready to lunch their booster shots.

Johnson & Johnson To Launch Their Booster Shots?

However, the request from J&J has not yet been submitted the FDA has scheduled a meeting on Friday, Oct 15 to discuss the go-ahead for J&J booster shots.

 Johnson & Johnson To Launch Their Booster Shots?

The meeting scheduled by FDA even before J&J filed for the approval shows the Biden administration`s concern for 15 million people who had received the company`s vaccine and might require more protection in the coming days.

In a study by CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) found that the J&J vaccine is just 71% effective in keeping people away from the hospital while that of Pfizer is 88% and Modern is found to be 93%. It is also to be noted that Pfizer and Moderna are 2 dose vaccines while J&J has a single-dose vaccine.

 Research also shows that J&J recipients are more likely to experience some infections or outbreaks compared to the other 2 vaccines. However, the company J&J announced last month that they are coming up with 2 dose vaccines wherein the 2nd dose is to be administered after 2 months of the first dose.

Most of the hospitalization cases in America are of people who are not vaccinated and among the hospitalization 1/4th of all the cases are children. Children below the age of 12 are not currently eligible for vaccination and this is a grave concern for the parents as the schools have begun and kids have started going out.

CDC has asked all the school authorities to get fully vaccinated before teaching the kids. Kids should be made aware of the virus that is going around them and the importance of wearing a mask and the need for social distancing. Schools have also been directed to keep their environments sanitized so that kids can come to a safe area the next day.

Job portals like Indeed have been seeing a surge in job requirements by employers seeking fully vaccinated people. There was a 300% rise for fully vaccinated people in the last couple of weeks. Many of the big organizations have started their own vaccination drive at the office which helps the employees as they need not go to hospital and be in line. This saves their time and effort. Many of the employees also said that they don’t want to get vaccinated due to their religious beliefs while some think that the vaccination contains fetal cells as well which is another issue for the companies.

More than 7,19,000 people in the US have died due to the coronavirus and the numbers are growing on a daily basis. The CDC has urged people to wear masks even if they are fully vaccinated. It has been observed that the delta variant is more aggressive in non-vaccinated people. The virus stays in the vaccinated person and when the person comes in contact with a non-vaccinated person the virus transfers itself and becomes fatal.

US has said in the UN summit that their country will be helping to deliver vaccines to all the poor countries for a global vaccination drive. Biden administration has said that they have lost patience by asking people to come in for vaccination and yet many people chose not to. There are plans to start door-to-door vaccination in October. The government said that the only way to defeat the virus is for everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible and break the coronavirus chain and make our children safe and secure.

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