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Johnson & Johnson’s Coronavirus Vaccine’s Benefits Outweigh Risks, Confirms CDC

The US administered 12000000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson Coronavirus vaccine to its people. 100 among its recipients reported the rare neurological condition named Guillain-Barre syndrome. 

A division of the CDC’s working group strongly recommended that the country should continue using Johnson & Johnson’s COVID 19 vaccine.

Johnson & Johnson’s Coronavirus Vaccine’s Benefits Outweigh Risks, Confirms CDC

The agency still stands by its statement; Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine’s benefits outweigh the risks. Some among its recipients reported a rare neurological condition called Guillain-Barre syndrome. But the numbers are quite low. They said this during a meeting of CDC’s advisory committee on immunization practices.

Johnson & Johnson’s Coronavirus Vaccine’s Benefits Outweigh Risks, Confirms CDC

This confirmation comes in the wake of the FDA’s updated label for the J&J vaccine. It now includes a warning that a six-week trial shows an increased risk of the rare neurological condition called Guillain-Barre syndrome upon receiving the J&J jab. This is a rare condition where your immune system attacks your nerves. A tingling sensation and weakness in the extremities are the symptoms that appear first. This, however, goes on its own in a few weeks. But it may cause permanent damage to nerves in certain people.

There were reports of 100 people developing the rare condition upon receiving the J&J vaccine towards the end of June. Almost all the patients required hospitalization. One among them died.

The warning from FDA is just one among the setbacks the company received recently. In the past, FDA recommended a pause in the administration of its vaccine. It happened because of reports of rare blood clots after receiving the shot.

CDC’s advisory committee, in general, agreed that Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine’s benefits outweigh its risk. Some among them, however, said they will go for the other two if there is an option.

Staying safe before, during, and after receiving the COVID 19 vaccine

Take these measures and you will minimize allergic response to any of the vaccines you receive:

Prior to going to the venue

  • Research as much as possible. The Internet is filled with misinformation on all vaccines. Gather information from reliable sources like WHOM.
  • Avoid receiving the shot if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. You should also avoid it if you are suffering from COVID 19 symptoms. Take it only after you have fully recovered from the same. Your doctor too should approve it.
  • Consult your doctor. Discuss your decision with your doctor. Your health expert will recommend the required precautions if you are allergic to the vaccine.
  • Care for yourself. Drink lots of water and sleep well. 

When coming to the venue follow all the safety precautions in place. Wear your mask. Maintain social distance. Avoid touching anywhere. Use your hand sanitizers at regular intervals. Inform your health provider if you have any underlying medical condition. It will help them take precautions as required.

You should also keep the record you receive. You will need your vaccination certificate in the future.

After receiving the shot wait for at least half an hour. Your health provider has to monitor you for adverse events. You may experience minor side effects like fever, chills, headache, muscle aches, fatigue, etc. These will go on their own. Furthermore, building immunity is a slow process. Be patient with yourself.

Come for the second dose as per the instructions from your health provider. 

Being vaccinated does not mean freedom from COVID protocols. It is unlikely that infection spreads from a vaccinated person. Still, utmost safety is highly recommended. You don’t want to take risks with the lives of others.

Get vaccinated; protect yourself and those around you. If the country has to eradicate this virus, it has to inoculate its entire population.

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