Joint Commission To Publicize Data About High C-section Rates In US

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 24, 2020

The Joint Commission is all set to publicize data about high rates of C section in the US. The reporting may start early next year and the authorities are trying to identify hospitals that have high cesarean section rates. This is done to encourage the hospitals to reduce the C sections and encourage doctors to do that in a safe manner.

Joint Commission To Publicize Data About High C-section Rates In US

The Department of Health and Human SErvices revealed an action plan to improve maternal health and reducing low risk C section delivery rate by 25% was one of the important aspects of the plan.

Since 1985, the WHO has considered a rate of 10-15% to be the ideal rate for C section births in the country. However, the CDC says that more than 31% of all deliveries in the US were by C section. This data from the CDC is about 2 years old and it is likely to remain the same in the near future.

Joint Commission To Publicize Data About High C-section Rates In US

Experts believe that even though C sections are essential, they need not be at a rate of 30% and it can be easily reduced by including some collective measures by the government and hospitals.

Some experts also observe that high rates of C section are not the main problem and the problem actually lies in the disparity between hospitals that have low C section rates and others that have high rates of C section that often does not improve the outcome for the mother or the baby.

The experts point out that when there is a rise in the number of C sections without any difference in outcome, it should be questioned. According to doctors, C sections are usually performed when the labor is not progressing or when the baby is in distress. In some cases, this is also the chosen method when the mother is carrying more than one baby or when the baby is in an abnormal position.

The risks associated with C section are similar to that of other surgeries and this includes a reaction to anesthesia, blood clot or infection. Doctors are also of the opinion that mothers often face complications in the next pregnancy after getting a C section.

According to some studies, women who had C sections were 80% more likely to develop complications than others who delivered normally. The risk increased many folds for women who were over the age of 35 and had C sections.

Doctors say that the national target C section rates should be based on clinical data and it should be adjusted according to the hospital’s patient population. Apart from that, the authorities should also focus on safe reduction of unnecessary C sections and use other options wherever possible.

The Joint Commission says that lowering C section rates that increases the risk for patients is not their intention and they intend to bring down the rates without affecting the safety of the mother or the baby.

These action plans become even more important in times of a pandemic as the entire country is now struggling to deal with the Covid 19 situation. As of now, the vaccines available for Covid 19 are not completely tested for pregnant women and doctors are suggesting to avoid the vaccine till further clarity is available in this regard.

The Covid 19 vaccine manufacturers are planning to test the vaccines on pregnant women in the next stages of clinical trials. With this, pregnant women may be safely able to get protection against coronavirus in future. The CDC has also said that pregnant women are under higher risk of developing serious conditions due to Covid 19. In this regard, the vaccine manufacturers will be considering all these factors for future trials.

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