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30% Jump For Gun Violence During The Pandemic In US

In a report published on Friday, it has been observed that Gun Violence in the US jumped to 30% during the pandemic. The US has one of the simple laws when coming to acquiring guns as compared to other major countries.

Since the start of February 2019, it has been observed that around 39,000 deaths and injuries have been reported all across the country and this number skyrocketed to 51,000 from period of March 2020 to March 2021 which was the first year of the pandemic.

30% Jump For Gun Violence During The Pandemic In US

Dr. Paddy Ssentongo who is the study leader of this report said that the number was expected to rise but not to this extent.

This has large repercussions as this should have been not this high especially when most of the people are indoors.

30% Jump For Gun Violence During The Pandemic In US

In states like Michigan, New York, and Minnesota the numbers skyrocketed by 100% while in other states it was slightly higher than the average.

Ssebtongo said that most of the cases were related to unemployment, domestic violence as most of the people are indoors locked which caused many people psychological issues as they were not able to go out and get the needed help at times.

Gun Violence Archive (GVA) collected the data from all the states to reach a conclusion and to observe what caused this massive surge in gun violence. The study from this data found that around 93,000 deaths and injuries have been reported due to gun violence from Han 2019 till March 2021. However, when this was broken into pre-pandemic times and pandemic times it has been observed that during pandemic times the rate was twice as that of pre-pandemic.

The only state which reported fewer gun violence before the pandemic was Alaska where the number got lower with each year. Ssentongo says that he`s doubtful that the gun violence will drop after the pandemic as this has led to a larger existing issue that was not addressed by the government and now no small steps can stop this. The government needs to come up with better and harsh strategies to control gun rage.  

Bindu Kalesan from Boston University says that gun violence can be majorly tracked back to its roots which is poverty. Most of the gun violence victims or the assailants are people from low economical backgrounds who get roped into this for their day-to-day living. She also stated that the government should make some reforms that can help these people and get the required education or understanding on how to improve their way of living rather than going on a gun range.

Anxiety and depression are also considered to be major factors for gun violence. Many people admitted that in the heat of the moment they used the gun and are ready to seek help and face the consequences. Many health care facilities are now available which helps people get over their anxiety and depression issues.

Many of the study group indicates that the government needs to change laws as to who can own a firearm and there should be strict protocols on how and when to sue them. The only way to lower this number is to stop issuing firearms to all the people and track everyone who has a firearm so that there is no exploitation of the weapon.

The Biden administration has been notified of this increasing number and a comment is yet to be given out by the administrative staff. Many people hope that President Biden will make stringent laws for gun violence.

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