June Brown Cause Of Death, How Did June Brown Die?

June Brown Cause of Death, How Did June Brown Die

June Brown was known as “Dot” Cotton on the BBC serial series EastEnders. When she began in 1985, she remained with the show until 2021, albeit she took a few breaks.

How Did June Brown Die? What Was The Cause Of The Death Of June Brown?

June announced her departure from the show in February 2020 to The Sun. Dot left Walford in a foul temper in her final episode, which aired on January 21st, 2020.

In addition to smoking, working at a laundromat, and being the mother of a notorious criminal named Nick Cotton, Dot was well-known in the community. She also did laundry as a side gig.

June Brown Cause of Death, How Did June Brown Die

June Brown:

February 16, 1927, was June Brown’s birthday. The town of Needham Market, located in the countryside, is where she was born. She has just celebrated her 95th birthday. Her horoscope indicates that she is born under the Aquarius constellation. 

Every year, on February 16, we celebrate Brown’s life and legacy. Henry William Melton Brown is the family name for her father. Louisa Brown is Louisa Brown’s mother, too.

Age And Early Life Explored:

Each of June’s four brothers and sisters has a sibling. Marise has four brothers and sisters with the same name. Rosemary, John, and Lois Brown are also their names. Originally from Algeria, June is a British citizen descended from Sephardic Jews. 

Additionally, she can trace her ancestry back to those of Dutch or Irish descent or those of Italian or Scottish descent. She, too, is a massive believer in the Christian religion.

June Brown’s Husband:

June has had two previous marriages. At the tender age of 23, she met John Garley and fell head over heels in love with him. She married John in 1950 after meeting him. John took his own life in 1957 after just seven years of marriage because he was depressed and stressed out about his marriage.

Robert married her in 1958. Actor Robert worked for money as an actor. Six children they had. Arnold died in 2003 from Lewy-body dementia, which was the cause of his demise. The marriage of June and Robert had lasted 45 years at that point


It’s unusual for a couple to have six children in just seven years of marriage. The death of one of her infants soon after delivery shattered her heart.


Brown joined the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS) when World War II ended.  Her first television show was EastEnders. Coronation Street and Doctor Who were her previous roles. 

The Duchess of Duke Street, Oliver Twist, and Minder were among her other credits. In 1997, she starred in the Ain’t Misbehavin’. Gormenghast, a BBC series from 2000, featured her as Nanny Slagg.

Net Worth:

$43 million is her net worth while she was dying.

People suffer significantly due to the deaths of a large number of people.  Because the high number of deaths in March keeps rising by a wide margin, it was realized that death is imminent. Actress June Muriel Brown 

OBE died in the morning, and many people are mourning her tragic demise. People’s hearts were broken when they saw her.  When the autopsy results are in, they’ll know exactly how and why their loved one died. We pray for her peace of mind.

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