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Justice Loss Bringing New Phase Before The Election

The death of the liberal icon of Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, on Friday, 18th September, has raised a new question in the political dilemma of the State. With a lot of questions being raised and eyes all stuck on the nominations to fill the seat; it is going to be a great election period to be a part. President Bill Clinton nominated Ginsberg, associate justice of the Supreme Court in 1993 was a statue of democracy and liberal ideology in the institution of the justice of the State.

Justice loss bringing new phase before the election

She was a model of establishing civil liberties and women’s rights in the country. An uproar has risen now on the vacancy that the incident has created in the court before 46 days of the presidential election. The nomination of a new justice at her position by President Donald Trump can lead to providing the position to a person of Republican Party ideology. This can become a scope of both pros and cons for the party and the justice system and law and politics of the State.¬†People visited the supreme court in a huge number to pay their tributes to Ginsburg. There were mixed reactions from shock to sorrow on their faces. People have their eyes set on the decision that will be taken by Mr. Trump and to whom he will nominate at the place now. The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg marks the passage on to the US Supreme Court of a liberal figure, the loss of a lawyer heralded by the left in the US for her ardent support of women’s rights, civil liberties and the rule of law.

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However, memorials and tributes to her tend to be overshadowed by the political firestorm that her death would set off just 46 days before the presidential election and the subsequent vacancy on the highest court in the US.¬†Here’s what you need to learn about the next thing that could happen and why the stakes are so high.¬†The political turmoil of vacancy was also created during 2016 when Barack Obama was stopped to fill a position at the court by the opposition until Trump overtook his position at White House as the president and nominated the replacement. Retaliation from the democrats is highly expected during this time in President Trump appointing the nine-justice at the Supreme Court. The vacancy of the Supreme Court during that time helped the republicans to earn more votes, especially when the fundamentalist witnessed the opportunity of taking back of abortion law. This led to a vast advantage for the Republican Party and the winning of Donald Trump as the president of the country. The position of a vacancy created now can be either favorable or critical for the Democrats. The filling of the replacement by Donald Trump can be a great opportunity working in favor of the current ruling party and the president. It will be a lifetime opportunity for Trump to nominate the ninth justice of the court.

This can leave a lasting mark on the law and politics of the States and during his first term in office. The chances of Amy Coney Barette being nominated for replacement are high if the decision would be taken by President Trump. If she takes place the position that Ginsberg holds, then there are high chances of the law inclining towards the ideology of the right. Many rights of the United States can go through a review and change if conservative ideology is followed and overtook by the guardians of the law. The upcoming cases on gun control, criminal procedure, same-sex adoptions, religious freedom, voting rights can have different outcomes after having a conservative majority of 6 to 3 in the court. Even the recent rulings on immigration, affirmative action, health care, same-sex marriage, presidential power and abortion right can also be in stake and result in a conservative impact on it.

The pressure arising due to the current situation can be avoided by the republicans by waiting until the election. The condition may occur of the democrats taking power over republicans, and Biden sitting on the chair of the president can lead to blaming the Republican directly for not giving value to the will of the people. The step can lead to the great benefit of the current ruling party, but losing the seat can also cost a reprisal from the Democrats. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has stated that the nominee presented by President Donald Trump will gain a vote from the Senate of the United States. Currently, Republicans hold 53 Senate seats in the State. To confirm a nominee, one has to gain 50 votes. This can lead to the nominee presented by Donald Trump to hold the vacant seat that was left behind by Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Two Senates of Republican, Susan Colin of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, have already stated that they are going to support the next justice who will be nominated by Joe Biden.

In a statement, Joe Biden said that the people of the country should focus on the loss of justice and the legacy that she left behind. He also mentioned that the president who wins the November 2020 election should be the one who should pick the nominee for the Senate to consider. He raised the 2016 incident of rejection of Barak Obama’s nominee by the Republicans. Biden also warned Senate McConnell not to hold an election-year confirmation to fill up the seat of the former justice.¬†Granddaughter of Ginsberg said to NPR reporter that Ginsberg wanted the next president of the United States to appoint her replacement. My most sincere wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed, Ginsberg said to her granddaughter.¬†On Ginsberg’s death, a crowd gathered at the Supreme Court to pay respect to the senior member of the court’s liberal wing. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. expressed his sorrow by mentioning the loss of a ‘jurist of historic stature.’ He said that the next generation would remember Ruth Bader Ginsburg as “a tireless and resolute champion of Justice.”

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