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Is Kane Lim A Part Of Selling Sunset’s Bling Empire?

They are searching for a new member of our team that could be a terrific fit. Reality star Kane Lim is a broker for Selling Sunset’s Oppenheim Group, a firm that specializes in the sale of luxury goods. It’s been reported that Kane has said in an exclusive interview that he’d “love” to be in the show.

Bling Empire’s Kane Lim Reveals If He’s Going To Join Selling Sunset Or Not!!

“Christelle and they have worked together so that they will see,” the reality star remarked. “Bling Empire is so fun that even though they are real estate enthusiasts, they can’t imagine leaving. As a result of their involvement in the project, they’ve formed an incredible bond.”

That wasn’t the end of it: “What’s the problem? If they were to sell Sunset, that would be an excellent chance for them.” “seasoned Real Estate Developer and Agent sold three houses in the prime Los Angeles district of Venice Beach,” according to Kane’s website.

The description reads, “has an intuitive understanding of market trends and enjoys the challenges and rewards of real estate dealings.”

The Love Story: Selling Sunset Stars

However, Kane’s decision to move to Selling Sunset would disappoint at least one well-known Bling Empire fan: none other than Rihanna. “They’ve known for a long time,” he continued. “When the first season was released, she inquired about the release date of season two. ” “Diamonds” is a song Rihanna loves, as we all know.

Does Selling Sunset Plan To Have Kane Lim Make An Appearance?

A developer and an agent for The Oppenheim Group, Kane Lim has not yet confirmed that one of these roles would be fulfilled on the show. Because of his extensive involvement with Netflix, it is possible that he will make an appearance on the show.

In a recent real estate transaction, Chrishell Stause and Kane, both of Selling Sunset fame, offered their homes. Their combined efforts resulted in the $1.88 million sales of a home on Mount Washington.

Having three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a Japanese garden on an 8000-square-foot lot makes it unlikely that the home will not sell without the seller’s help.

Encouraging The Merging Of The Sunset Strip And The Bling Empire

Bling Empire and Selling Sunset are expected to cross over because of Kane’s relationship with that series. As Netflix’s shows have become more popular, we believe this may not be a bad idea after all.

One reader said, “desperately need a Selling Sunset x Bling Empire crossover episode like could you imagine a Christine and Christine interaction?”

Please have one of them sell a house to someone from the Bling Empire; this is something we really must-have.

At the beginning of each new season, Los Angeles real estate professionals are invited to join the Selling Sunset team. “The laughing, the lux, and the drama” was Chelsea Lazkani’s bold boast when she was presented in season five.


Because of speculation that Christine has departed the show, there may be room for another contestant. Reality Titbit has delved into Kane Lim’s connection to the critically successful Netflix series and questioned whether or not we’ll soon see him at The Oppenheim Group.

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