Karben Wallet Reviews – How Do You Determine If Your RFID Is Blocking?

John Furrier | Last Updated : March 29, 2022

Today, if you look at the marketplaces, it is not even possible to count the products available, but our Karben Wallet reviews will lead you to know more about a wallet that is made to stay with you for years.

We often face a challenge while looking for that perfect wallet for ourselves that does not go tear away only after a few months because most of the wallets in the market are made up of leather or, worse, artificial leather. And as we all know, leather wallets are ones that wear away with time. 

Karben Wallet Reviews – Can Your Credit Cards Be Safe In This Wallet?

Karben Wallet comes with a lot of cool features that can change the way you use your wallet and in this Karben Wallet review, we will go into all the technical details of Karben Wallet to decide whether this wallet delivers up to its USP. 

So without further ado, let’s dive into a detailed review of Karben Wallet

Karben Wallet Reviews
Product NameKarben Wallet
Main BenefitRFID-blocking technology
  • Durability
  • Storage
  • Design
  • Benefits
  • Extreme strength
  • Security
  • Waterproof
  • Portability
  • Material UsedCarbon steel
    DesignSlim & portable
    Karben Wallet Includes
  • NFC Tag for Sharing Info
  • Warranty and Sales Card
  • Link to Download Karben App
  • MultipackAvailable in 1 piece, 2 pieces, 3 pieces, and 4 pieces
    Money-back Guarantee30 days
    Official WebsiteClick Here

    What Is Karben Wallet?

    For a long time, a wallet is something that needed to be made up of leather or canvas only, and so much so most people still think that leather is the only fabric with which wallets can be made but there are many problems with the leather, canvas, and polyester wallets is that they are highly fragile and have a tendency to rot away with time.

    To tackle this challenge, a lot of wallets came into the market, but what stands out for us is the Karben wallet. Karben Wallet gadget deals with this challenge of durability as its main highlight. Karben Wallet is made up of super-strong carbon fiber that is considered to be five times stronger than steel and way lighter than other fabrics.

    Other key highlights of the Karben wallet include its lightweight design, RFID-blocking technology, and extremely pocket-friendly size that makes it one of the finest choices in the market of advanced wallets. 

    Karben Wallet

    Main Features Of Karben Wallet

    We will highlight some of the main Karben wallet features and share an insight into the different aspects of its design, durability, and security. Some of the key features of the wallet are as follows:

    👉 Durability

    One of the major highlights of the Karben wallet is the extreme durability it promises to deliver. While the majority of the other wallets in the market either do not have a frame or have a plastic frame to support their structure, the Karben wallet comes with an aircraft-grade aluminum frame that can take extreme loads without getting damaged. 

    Karben wallet is made up of carbon steel and in case you are wondering what carbon steel is, It is a metal that is five times stronger than regular steel and is the same metal that is used to build F1 race cars, Boeing-787, and Lockheed Martin F-35. Pretty sturdy, right?

    👉 Design

    Along with that, Karben wallet’s minimalist, slim and portable design is backed by military-grade carbon fiber which makes it one of the most long-lasting products that you can buy from the market today. 

    👉 Storage

    On average, our regular wallets can store one or two cards along with the regular cash and other wallet stuff without converting it into a leather ball. While Karben wallet can astonishingly store more than 8 cards even without you realizing it. The overall metal finish never lets this wallet look bulky and adds a premium flair to the overall outfit. 

    Karben Wallet Features

    How Does Karben Wallet Work?

    There must be a rising curiosity about the other features of the wallet and how this wallet works. In this Karben wallet review, we will discuss the key highlight which is its RFID-blocking technology. Karben wallet device comes with inbuilt RFID-blocking technology, which is the acronym for Radio Frequency Identification blocking.

    With RFID-blocking Karben wallet makes sure that all your digital cards when kept in the wallet remain electrostatically neutral by distributing all the electric radiation around the external cage of the wallet that makes all your electronic cards undetectable non-functional while in the wallet. This security feature of the Karben wallet device makes it lead the competition with a huge margin. 

    Karben Wallet Working

    Karben Wallet Benefits

    In this Karben wallet review, we will discuss some of the major benefits of using this wallet and the way it can be utilized to its full potential

    🔷 Extreme strength

    Being made with military-grade materials, Karben Wallet gadget comes with an indestructible strength till its core aluminum metal frame with carbon fiber exterior built makes Karben Wallet one of the strongest wallets you can buy in the market. 

    🔷 Security

    One of the most Karben Wallet benefits is the detail of security that it comes with. The rich features of RFID-blocking and extra layers of securities make it a sufficiently secure wallet. 

    🔷 Portability

    Karben Wallet is one of those wallets which you will love carrying with you because of its portability. Karben wallet is easy to carry and does not hurt your pockets with a hefty build. This sleek, lightweight, and small wallet can carry enough for your whole day. 

    🔷 Design 

    If we say that Karben Wallet is one of the most stylish wallets in the market, it will not be an exaggeration. The sleek carbon fiber finish and the glossy outlooks make it more of a style statement rather than just a requirement. So if you want a wallet that is functional and stylish, Karben wallet could be a perfect cut for you.

    🔷 Waterproof 

    If you are someone who lives in a place with unexpected weather conditions or who does not want to spoil his cards and cash with a random splash of water, the Karben Wallet device could be your next wallet as it comes with a completely waterproof body to keep all of your important stuff safe. 

    Karben Wallet Benefits

    Karben Wallet Pros & Cons

    In this segment of the Karben Wallet review, we will discuss some of the pros and cons of this wallet


    • It is one of the most durable products you can buy. 
    • Maintains and delivers the highest form of safety standards for your assets.
    • Being made from metal, the Karben wallet is a major style statement. 
    • You can carry your Karben wallet anywhere you want right in your pocket without the feeling it bulky
    • Karben wallet offers advanced storage features that can store up to 12 cards in a single go. 


    • Limited stock of Karben wallet is one of the major cons, as most of the users buy a lot more wallets after their first experience
    • Karben wallet is not the biggest wallet out there, so if you are expecting something similar, it will not be the right fit for you. 

    Is Karben Wallet Legit Or Not?

    Karbon Wallet is a completely legitimate product that is manufactured by YeYe Limited 221 N. Broad Street, Suite 3A, Middletown DE. A lot of users from around the world are using this wallet and giving positive feedback about the wallet and the services provided by the company.

    Karben Wallet has a legitimate website that entertains most of the user reviews and anyone can see them at their convenience. Hence, this device is completely legit.

    Karben Wallet Customer Reviews & Complaints

    The official website entertains a lot of customer feedback and reviews and the general average review of customers are positively translating to the fact that Karben Wallet is being liked by its users, however, the major negative feedback is the lack of stock due to bulk orders

    Karben Wallet Customer Reviews

    Karben Wallet Pricing And Availability

    A single Karben wallet will cost you $49.99. However, you will avail additional benefits on buying over one wallet, e.g. you can get 2 Karben wallets for $99.99, three Karben wallets for $111.99, and four Karben wallets for $136.99

    Because of the huge popularity of the wallet, a lot of non-authentic Karben wallets are being sold on various e-commerce stores but the original wallet is available only and only on their official website, so if you are planning to buy your Karben wallet order from their official website. 

    Final Verdict On Karben Wallet Reviews

    On the final note of this Karben wallet review, we think that it offers a great value-for-money product made with attention to detail. The key feature of the wallet includes its robust qualitative strength and advanced features to take care of the security side of the business.

    With attention to the deciding factors in a wallet, Karben Wallet clearly stands out as one of the best wallet choices present in the market. 


    Q. How can I purchase a Karben wallet?

    To buy a carbon wallet, visit their official website and buy your wallet by filling in all the necessary details.

    Q. Will my card stop working after putting it in the Karben wallet?

    No, it will not stop working or the wallet will not affect the functionality of the card. Karben wallet will only make your card opaque for all radio waves to avoid any security threat. 

    Q. Is the Karben wallet waterproof?

    Yes, the Karben wallet is completely waterproof. 

    Q. Are there any hidden charges while ordering the Karben wallet?

    Other than shipping charges, there are no hidden charges while ordering the Karben wallet. 

    Q. How many cards can the Karben wallet store together?

    Karben wallet can store up to 12 cards in a single go!


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