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Kayla Nicole Tweeted In Response To Her Breakup Rumors!!!

Fanatics of the NFL sports world are possibly aware of the names Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole. Since 2017, the Chiefs tight end and the gorgeous wellness powerhouse have been setting off #CoupleGoals.

Tweets From Kayla Nicole Regarding Rumors Of A Split!!!

And having in mind that the pair momentarily split in August 2020 because of dreadful conning tales, they recovered their sentiment in December 2020 and have been chummy — as of not long ago. Indeed, seems Travis and Kayla have opted to sever their friendship.

Kayla Nicole replied with a claim this end of the week charging why she and Travis Kelce purportedly cut-up “Travis Kelce’s lover Kayla Nicole supposedly said a last farewell to him because inside the five years they have been all in all he is consistently the Had half of each easily missed detail paid for,” read a tweet from Barstool Sports workouts.

Kayla’s tweet didn’t confirm whether or not she and Kelce are cut up, primary supporters inquired concerning the remaining of their relationship. Only a few tweets were “liked” by her, but she did not provide any specifics regarding the matter. In March, Kayla first met Kelce while engaging in a “Ask Me Something” showcasing attempt on Instagram. Kayla Nicole responded to portions of gossip about a cut-up between her and Travis Kelce.

“He has been following her for only a couple of months and being a tease on Instagram,” Kayla, 30, composed when told how she met the 32-year-old Chiefs member. She went on in a separate Instagram tale, Kayla has since withdrawn an Instagram acclaim for Kelce she shared before this a year following the Chiefs’ season brought about an AFC Championship tragedy to the Bengals.

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews joined Kayla Nicole and Travis Kelce in Las Vegas in February 2022 through Getty Images NHL I There had been a brief period of separation between Kelce and Kayla in the middle of 2020. Later that year, the two reunited and have been together ever since.

As a result of her friendship with Kelce, Kayla has been a fixture at Chiefs home computer games, alternating with NFL WAG Brittany Matthews and Sydni Russell, the life partner of former Chiefs wellbeing manager Tyrann Mathieu’s girlfriend.

There is no doubt that Travis and Kayla are done, but there is room for compromise in the future. In the year 2020, the couple briefly went their separate ways, but they later reconciled. As a result, the sky’s the limit here. It’s important to us that Travis and Kayla have a great time while they’re here on Earth.

Everyone knows that big-name couples are constantly being scrutinized for signs of marital infidelity. Moreover, since Travis and Kayla had been dating for a long time, fans had little doubt that they would have been married.

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