Keep Away From Distractions While Eating Your Food

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 19, 2021

In today`s time, people are often busy with their daily routine that they eat their food while watching something on their phone or laptop or while doing some work and at the end many a time people overeat or feel bloated.

Lilian Cheung from the nutrition department at Harvard says that mindful eating helps one enjoy the food to their fullest and helps in retaining the taste and smell of the food for a longer period of time. He also stated that this mindful eating practice has been in use for a very long time and has shown very interesting results.

Keep Away From Distractions While Eating Your Food

Lisa Young from New York University stated that one should not confuse mindful eating with intuitive eating as both are different. Mindful eating is to know and experience your food while you consume it whereas Intuitive eating is to improve a person`s relationship with the food.

Keep Away From Distractions While Eating Your Food

Both are good in their own ways and differs from person to person based on their needs. Young states that mindful eating is much more preferred as it is more user-friendly for a variety of people because it can be adapted very easily in our day-to-day life.

Teresa T Fung states that mindful eating is to experience more of your senses while eating like the smell, feeling, taste without being distracted by anything else. She states that when she has her breakfast, she keeps all the electronic gadgets away so that she doesn’t browse social media or read the news that might distract her.

It is not necessary you need to sit at the table you could sit on the floor or on the couch, what`s important is that there is no medium to distract you while having your food. In this way, you will feel more of the texture and retain the smell and taste of the food.

Gratitude is another important aspect of mindful eating, thinking about where the food came from, how it got distributed to the grocery store will help you enjoy the journey as well. Fung states that this change in habit cannot be sudden and takes time.

It is advisable that you start slow like most people watch TV while eating food, how about cut back TV on Sunday and just enjoy the food. At first, it might not seem interesting however as time progresses you would learn many new things about the food and you will be experiencing new flavors which you might have not yet tested in the food that you have been eating for years.

Another important aspect of mindful eating is properly chewing your food, don’t be in a haste to finish it off quickly. Cheung stated that it is best to share your mealtime with a person in this way you will be away from the electronic gadgets and in the conversation, you will think about the food.

Many times while maintaining mindful eating people also think about their schedule and other things in life. This helps them to compartmentalize things and gives them additional time for thinking. Food is one of the most important aspects of our life and it should be enjoyed thoroughly which is why many a times parents forbid their kids from using mobile phones or tablets on the table as they know the importance of a simple dinner or lunch.

Mindful eating has been helping people with their stress and anxiety as well as they are calm when eating and being away from all the distractions. Mindful eating is a good practice to develop and is very helpful in the long run.

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