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Keep Kids Holiday Traditions Alive During Covid 19 Pandemic

This festive season is not looking bright for most of us due to the Covid 19 situation. In these difficult times, families are not able to meet each other like before and kids are certainly finding it difficult to adapt to the new situation.

It is natural for kids to feel depressed as there are not many celebrations happening all around in this festive season. Most people used to gather at one place and enjoy the holidays during Christmas.

Keep Kids Holiday Traditions Alive During Covid 19 Pandemic

Child psychologists say that it has become tough to deal with the situation and parents need to be frank with their kids about the pandemic. They say that children can understand that something is wrong this year and they will not expect the usual fun that comes during the holidays.

However, you can still make the festive season interesting by keeping some traditions alive for the sake of your kids. In this way, things will at least appear normal. Experts say that you can keep the traditions of gift exchanges, religious customs and baking running throughout the season wherever possible. In this way, your kids will at least feel the excitement of the festive season and enjoy the holidays.

Most families are now meeting online through Zoom and other platforms. Even though these things have brought families together during the pandemic, it is still not a replacement for being together during the holidays. Many people feel lonely especially during the festivals when they are not able to meet their family members. In this situation, you can include new holiday traditions like having virtual movie nights or organizing virtual games for your family members. In this manner, you can feel that you are connected to them through all these activities.

Child psychologists suggest that you have to include such activities for your kids so that they do not feel left out and depressed during the festive season. You can ask them to drop off cards or gift packages at friends and loved ones’ places. You can even ask your children about new ideas to make the holidays exciting for your family. Most of them do not ask children for ideas, but you will be surprised to see their imagination and creative ability.

This is also a good way to make your child feel the ownership over the holiday process. Apart from that, you will also be relieved that things are looking exciting from the usual pandemic situation that has been haunting us since the last many months.

The situation with Covid 19 is not looking great from any angle. Even though there is a vaccine in sight, it may still take nearly a year to reach all of us. Given this situation, it makes sense to not lose this opportunity to enjoy the festivals with family members and friends. You can start new traditions this year and it may even go on to become an integral part of all the upcoming festivals.

Psychologists say that there is no need to conceal anything about the Covid 19 situation from your children. As they also have a small idea about the pandemic, it makes sense to tell them the reality of the situation to keep their expectations low this year.

Even though they may feel depressed with such restrictions, they will eventually come to terms with such new practices of social distancing and other covid related restrictions. All of us have been through this situation in recent months and kids will also slowly get to know the new reality.

Most of the children have already seen the impact of the pandemic as schools are shut down and they had to switch to online learning. Some of them do not have access to online facilities and are still waiting for schools to reopen normal classes. In this situation, they will be able to understand the seriousness of the situation.

It is also important to remind your kids about the importance of wearing masks and practicing social distancing. Experts say that these are the only things that we can do to protect ourselves and our family members till everyone of us gets vaccinated. If your children are practicing these restrictions, make sure to encourage them for their good habits so that they will continue to use them for the overall wellbeing of the community.

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