Kelly Ripa Is Talking Openly About Her Social Anxiety Struggles

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 30, 2022

Kelly Ripa is one of the most famous personalities in Hollywood who has made a huge amount of name and fame for herself in a very short period. She was a part of the iconic show Live! With Kelly and Ryan. She is the most beautiful on-screen personality who is an actor and an anchor.

She has also written a new Book titled long-lived short stories. This book has revealed the kind of challenges that she has suffered in her life. 

The Struggles Kelly Ripa Has With Social Anxiety Are Becoming More Public

She has been suffering from many mental health challenges, and even today, her personality is not ready to interact with so many people. According to her, she becomes socially anxious, and her social anxiety at times can be a cause of irritation and embarrassment to her. Something similar to this had happened many times when she was raising baby steps in her career. It took a lot on her part to overcome this anxiety. 

Kelly Ripa Is Talking Openly About Her Social Anxiety Struggles

Even when she was so successful at the age of 51, she still had to pull herself out of the depression and anxiety to function and work efficiently. All the kinds of claims she made in the book were hard to believe. It was probably because of the simple reason that whenever she interacts on the live shows and whenever she hosts any shows, then no person can judge that she was above a victim of social anxiety because she is so perfect in the execution of the role that has been assigned to her. The individual wing different states of his personality to his work, but this woman has been able to separate her personal and professional personality from each other.

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What was the cause? 

Kelly Ripa explains that she was born into a broken family, due to which she never had the chance to interact with any person in the family properly, even her parents. Due to this, communication skills could not get developed. The kind of friends and the people with whom she associated were also not very encouraging to give her motivation to speak. All of these incidents usually made her much more anxious. 

Hence, when she joined the industry, she was not able to overcome all kinds of obstacles at once, and it took a lot of time on her part to get herself going. This has been one of the most dynamic aspects of a personality, and it is only because of this concept that she was able to get recognized as being a fighter who not only fought for herself but also was successful in achieving this given role. 

Today, she is simply perfect in whatever she does, and this practically nothing in this whole world which can stop her from moving ahead. So accordingly an individual must never give up and always get the best for himself before it is too late. 


It can be concluded that the kind of efforts that she has been able to introduce in her life has been a source of inspiration to a lot of people who also have a journey like hers. She has managed to achieve a lot in her life after overcoming whatever kind of shortcoming she had and this is an inspiration in itself to a lot of people. 

This book is practically her autobiography which depicts the inner self of this beautiful human being. She is responsible for achieving almost every kind of success in her life and it is only possible due to the consistent efforts that she has been able to put in and she even continues to put in. This property of hers has basically kept her versatile and down-to-earth.

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