Kendall Jenner And Devin Booker Ended Their Relationship!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 23, 2022

A source has informed us about unbelievable news that American model Kendall Jenner and NBA star Devin Booker have broken up after dating for two years reportedly. 

They both have been discussing their future, and they found that they both are different from each other and the path they both are following is different so they both have decided to take the steps back from the relationship. 

Kendall Jenner And Devin Booker Ended Their Relationship!

The reason we found Kendall and Devin’s breakup is that they both are having two personalities, and they had discussions about their future goals, and they found that they are not moving forward in the same way. 

Kendall Jenner And Devin Booker Ended Their Relationship!

Also, we came to know that the couple had broken up for a week and a half after hitting such a rough patch. Neither Jenner nor Booker has yet confirmed any statements on their breakup.

The two bright stars that had been sparking relationship rumors since June 2020 have decided to part ways, however, according to a news channel, they can think of reconciliation for their relationship as they were together for the last 2 years, and they had such a wonderful time together. 

Kendall Jenner and NBA star Devin Booker, This couple managed to keep their relationship extremely private in the first year, and they didn’t disclose it soon but became more open and public about their relationship in the second year. 

They both have posted such breathtaking PDA-filled snaps and they both have started commenting in a flirty way on each other’s posts. Kendall started explaining about her relationship in the month of April when she was caught with her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and she explained that she watches every Booker’s game. 

One of her statements was also clear about their stunning relationship when she said that whenever she was not able to go to see the game, she was constantly connected on the phone following the same. 

Booker has also made a unique statement about being in an incredible place with Kendall Jenner when he told that he is enjoying his life with containing a lot and that came off his tongue so easily because he has never felt like this, and it wasn’t always in that way, but he felt like he was in a good place that time. 

Kendall Jenner And Devin Booker’s Relationship

During their two-year relationship, this beautiful couple mostly kept their romance private. As she is from one of the most public families in Hollywood, Jenner decided to keep her relationship with Booker private, and she usually discussed it with herself, she decided to share photos here and there on social media only. 

On 12 June 2021, this couple marked their one-year anniversary with social media posts, including a personal snap of Jenner who was wrapping her arms around Booker. 

This pair had a “really awesome time” together at Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding, but when they got back, they started feeling like they weren’t made for each other and realized they both have such very different lifestyles so they both are now separating their ways to each other.

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