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Kids And Their Covid-19 Risk

In a disturbing discovery, researchers have found that older kids with chronic diseases are more prone to getting hospitalized with COVID-19.

Kids And Their Covid-19 Risk

According to a new study, conditions including diabetes, neurological problems and obesity make children more prone to severe infection.

Kids And Their Covid-19 Risk

The leader of the study of COVID-19 and kids, Dr James Antoon, said that it is a myth that children don’t get severely ill from Covid 19, and it has persisted from the beginning of the pandemic. She believes that the myth can be finally put to bed with their findings. Dr James is Nashville’s Vanderbilt University’s assistant professor of pediatrics. 

He noted that one of five patients infected from COVID-19 in the emergency department of the country are kids. Among them, 21% of children need intensive care unit treatment and sometimes mechanical ventilation. 

Antoon said that the most common complications in kids affected by COVID-19 are diarrhea, vomiting and pneumonia. He noted that customer attacks occur too. However, only a few children die.

He said that the most concerning part of their study are that children older than 12 years, who are eligible to get vaccines are more prone to getting a severe disease. He added that this age group is the least vaccinated. He said that there is a need to vaccinate more children who are 12 years and above, and it is the responsibility of adults to think about how to protect vulnerable children who are at high risk of contracting severe COVID-19.

He attributed the search in cases in children to schools reopening and in-person learning. He explained that when children gather, they will contract and transmit the virus, and it will certainly increase which will lead to more hospitalizations and severe sickness. 

He said that if they should be vaccine mandates especially for younger children is a tough question to answer, considering several hundreds of anti-vaccine people in the country.

He added that there are a lot of other vaccine mandates in the United States, and it should be fine to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the list. 

He said that steps to prevent getting the virus are more effective than trying to cure it, as the available treatments are not effective, and vaccines are much help in preventing hospitalizations and severe sickness.

He also requested parents for making sure their children get a flu shot and follow steps to avoid contracting the virus.

He said that healthy children can also end up getting hospitalized with COVID-19. To make sure children are safe, it is important to get them vaccinated, wear masks and take preventive measures. 

His team gathered more than 20,000 pediatric patients’ data from around 45 hospitals in the country.

Their study discovered that kids with poor health suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes, neurological problems and obesity needed urgent hospital care when they contracted the virus. 

The president of True Health Initiative, an organization promoting the prevention of diseases by following a healthy lifestyle, Dr David Katz, reviewed the study. 

He said that the study emphasized the importance of health status in children and its influence on COVID-19, something which was established earlier for only adults. He noted that conditions adding to the risk of COVID-19 such as type 2 diabetes and obesity are a major problem in kids.

He pointed out that the study revealed that Hispanic and black children in the country are less prone to hospitalizations than white children in the country. But if they were hospitalized, they were more likely to be severely sick.

He explained that the difference had nothing to do with ethnicity or skin pigment, and more with barriers and differential access. He further added that children with less access to healthcare fell sicker.

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