Kids Getting Ready For Summer School After A Year Of Online Learning

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 8, 2021

After the Biden administration had adopted the trend of online learning, it is expected that the total number of children showing up for summer school would be more than usual because 12 months of ineffective online sessions have left the children with frustration, and summer schools for them is a way out of the online world.

Kids Getting Ready For Summer School After A Year Of Online Learning

The monumental disturbances caused by the outbreak have messed up the entire education system with children losing their zeal to learn their subjects online. Of course, online classes come with unwanted screening glitches, audio disturbances, and network issues which furthermore lead to students missing out on important points taught by their lecturers.

Kids Getting Ready For Summer School After A Year Of Online Learning

All the nationwide school districts are expanding summer programs for the same reason and are offering huge bonuses to motivate the teacher to join back for summer school. By this, they are providing massive employment to the ones who need it as well as creating a platform for students to experience their classroom learning after a whole year of the outbreak.

It is too soon to assume how many children would sign up for the summer school, says the education system of the United States. The statistics show that around 3.3 million students attended summer school in the pre-pandemic period and the number is going to be tripled amidst the pandemic.

When a few students were questioned if they were willing to go for summer school, all of them were more than excited to be attending the summer program and wanted to have some face-to-face interactions with their classmates and teachers as well as catch up on things that they missed over zoom meetings.

The ones who are to be worried about are the students who were already lacking behind in the race of reading and writing skills before the era of online classes started. These offline sessions should be made mandatory for the slow performing students to help them at least catch up on the student race that has been increasing every day. This will allow them to fight back against any interventions taking place in their regular academic year.

A summer program has its own advantages and disadvantages for the ones being vaccinated and the ones not vaccinated respectively. It is an advantage to the students who have been vaccinated against coronavirus, but those who have not yet been vaccinated shall be taking utmost care as the news says the third wave of coronavirus would be affecting more on the children.

Parents who are willing to send their children for summer programs shall educate and teach their children the importance of maintaining proper hygiene, covering the face with N95 protective masks, applying sanitizers every now and then, no sharing food or sitting on the same benches to avoid violating social distancing protocols and lastly no handshakes or high fives to avoid transmission of germs.

As simple as these instructions may seem, they are very important to be followed by the children to avoid being affected by the deadly virus.

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