The Kid’s Population Is Becoming A New Target For The Omicron Variant

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 1, 2022

The Covid 19 virus has become a headache for medical agencies around the world. Political leaders around the world are making policies and rules to curb the rising cases of the omicron variant in their countries. 

The Kid’s Population Is Becoming A New Target For The Omicron Variant

According to the World Health Organization, the omicron version of covid 19 has crossed more than 100 international borders and has covered every state of America in a very less time frame which is actually a major concern for the medical agencies in the United States. 

The Kid’s Population Is Becoming A New Target For The Omicron Variant

The covid 19 virus doesn’t see the age factor and targets everyone with a low immune system. Kids are becoming a new target for the new variant of coronavirus in the United States and the cases are rising very fastly. 

The hospitals are again getting filed with the cases from the omicron variant in the USA and it must be noted that more than 80 percent of the cases are coming directly from the unvaccinated population as the virus is targeting more people who are not protected with the layer of vaccination.

The rise in the cases and hospital admissions amongst the Kids in America has given a new tension to the parents as well as to the health care Officials. According to the reports, out of the total hospitalization amongst the kids in the State of California only one kid was fully vaccinated, and the rest of the cases were from unvaccinated children. 

Now the major question arises for the parents whether they want their children to stay safe from this new subtype and from the upcoming wave of both variants, that is delta and omicron will combine together and will start attacking more people. 

Although, the US Food and Drug Administration has already authorized the emergency use of booster shots for teenagers of 16-17 years due to the fear of the diminishing effectiveness of the initial vaccines amongst this age group. 

The White House administration also approved the vaccines for the kids between 5-11 during the month of October 2021 because of the surge in the cases from the delta variant. 

President Joe Biden has been leading from the front and has been seeking assistance from various schools and institutions to counsel the kids and parents to get vaccinated at the earliest. In the US, many parents are under the dilemma of whether to get their children vaccinated or not due to the misinformation available.

According to the news, the daily number of hospital admissions has climbed by more than 58 percent. The overall hospitalization rate saw an increase of 19 percent. The data has been represented by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The schools are expected to reopen after the winter holidays and the real test will start after that. Dr. Fauci has been urging all the p[arensts to get their kids vaccinated as soon as possible due to the rising cases of the omicron variant in the country.

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