Kingdom Chapter 715, Kanki Plans a Betrayal! Plot And Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 715, Kanki Plans a Betrayal! Plot And Release Date

It’s time for another installment of Kingdom Manga. The war is on the point of escalating, and supporters are eagerly anticipating the next battle. 

The Zhao men had shown themselves to be confident in their battle attitude in the previous chapter. The one goal they all desired was to have Kanki under their control. 

Kingdom Chapter 715, Kanki Is Planning A Betrayal! Synopsis And Release Date

Regardless of the war’s outcome, butchering Kanki was their top objective. So, in Kingdom Chapter 715, what will happen to him? Here’s all you need to hear about it. Sei of Qin will hear of Kanki’s plot in the next chapter. 

He solely moved most of his force to the other side solely to avoid being slaughtered. When Sei learns of this, though, his reaction will be out of the ordinary. Let’s see what occurs next in the plot.

Kingdom Chapter 715, Kanki Plans a Betrayal! Plot And Release Date

In Kingdom Chapter 715, what will occur after then?

The formation in the chapter’s final panel was a sight to behold. Kanki’s warriors will face off against Zhao’s army in the next episode. 

The essential takeaway from this chapter will be Kanki’s plan’s reveal. He had diverted the majority of his soldiers to the other side to keep this information from Qin. 

Kanki’s soldiers are terrified of facing the wrath of the guys who have been waiting for him for a long time. He became the most needed man in the country after beheading a hundred thousand men. Qin will likely learn of Kanki’s personal plot in Kingdom Chapter 715. 

Understanding that his men might be the simplest to target, he omitted the 140,000 soldiers from the picture. It will be fascinating to observe how Sei reacts to the news when he learns about it.

Recap of a Previous Bankruptcy!

The Kingdom’s Bankruptcy 714 began with the meeting of Common Li Mu and Kaine. Following a warm greeting, they notice a parent promising his child that none of them would die because they had Li Mu on their side. 

At this instant, the commanders of Seika and Li Mu discover that Qin’s troops are at the helm of Gian. On the other hand, Kanki’s 140,000 infantrymen had advanced from Sekirei. The warriors are enraged as they prepare to face Kanki, the guy responsible for the deaths of thousands of their brethren.

They were all set for the ultimate battle after Li Mu delivered a rousing speech. Mouten believed that Zhao was no longer in a good place being in Gian. 

Kanki’s males, on the other hand, were nervous since they had to face Zhao’s fury following the butchering episode. Kanki’s idea was previously kept private from everybody at the end of the bankruptcy.

Kingdom Chapter 715: When Will It Be Released?

The battle of Gian will be a watershed moment in Chinese history. So, in the following episode, the combat will finally commence. On April 3, 2022, Kingdom Chapter 715 is about to be released. 

On Kodansha’s official pages, all manga chapters will be available. In the event of a delay, the updations will be made. As a result, stay tuned to The Anime Daily for additional information.

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