Utah To Give KN95 Masks To Children As The Delta Variant Causes Surge In Hospitalizations

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 5, 2021

The current surge in new Coronavirus infections due to the Delta variant will send the country backward in its fight against it, warn health officials. Combine with it the slow pace of vaccination. Hospitals are being filled up yet again, as what happened during winter.

On Monday, the number of hospitalizations was more than 50000. This is the highest since February 27th. The number is triple what it was just one month ago. Last month, there were only 16000 coronavirus-related hospitalizations.

In such a scenario, health professionals don’t believe that the country can attain herd immunity. The vaccination drive is now moving at a slow pace. And if this is the situation, the country may be able to vaccinate its entire eligible population by mid-February with one dose.

Utah To Give KN95 Masks To Children As The Delta Variant Causes

The idea of protecting at least 80% of the population from Coronavirus infection seems impractical with the Delta variant. But they can create a scenario where the virus is a nuisance rather than a threat. Getting fully vaccinated is the only way to make this happen. Vaccination minimizes the possibility of a person being infected and transmitting to others.

Utah To Give KN95 Masks To Children As The Delta Variant Causes Surge In Hospitalizations

Utah, in the meantime, is planning to distribute KN95 masks to children. The territory’s Republican Governor is fed up with eligible people deciding not to get vaccinated. Thus he has instructed his staff to give KN95 masks to every single child who wants them.

The Governor says that they are buying them at present. This will ensure that those parents who want to protect their child can avail themselves of one completely free of cost. He also said that he or the school authorities are not going to issue a mask mandate. But local authorities are free to do so, for one month at a time. According to him, the current surge is a pandemic of unvaccinated people. And the decision of the eligible people not to get vaccinated frustrates him. CDC is asking everyone to wear a mask, even fully vaccinated persons. The agency is recommending this to protect the unvaccinated. They had the opportunity to receive the shot against the Coronavirus. They still have it.

The governor is tired and frustrated. And it is not a good thing to make sacrifices for those who don’t care for others.

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Hospitals in Louisiana, in the meanwhile, feel that they are unable to give everyone the care they deserve. The number of hospitalizations in the State reached the highest point of recent days, 2, 12 this Tuesday, health officials reported. The last time the numbers reached this highest point was on January 7th, 2,069. Among those who are hospitalized, 89% were not vaccinated. 222 patients were on ventilators.

The largest hospital in Louisiana, Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge, said that its ICU is filled to its full capacity. 23 people are there on its waiting list, for the unit to open up as on Monday, its Chief Medical Officer said. People suffering from chest pain are sitting in the emergency room. And their families are desperate, calling everyone they know.

Almost 14 days ago, the hospital had only 36 COVID 19 patients. The scenario where a single diagnosis takes up a quarter of a hospital is heart-wrenching. The hospital also expressed regret that it is unable to give everyone the care they deserve. According to it, these are the darkest days of the pandemic. It also urged everyone to get fully vaccinated at the earliest opportunity.

The Delta variant is dangerously contagious. And it may affect even vaccinated people. But those vaccinated experience either no symptoms or mild issues. And to protect children under 12 who are not yet eligible for vaccination, local authorities are recommending masks even indoors.

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