KoreScale Gen2 Reviews – An Advanced And Intuitive Health Tracking Device!

John Furrier | Last Updated : June 21, 2022

This KoreScale Gen2 review is all about a powerful smart scale health tracking device by which not only you can keep an eye on your weight but also many interesting features which are vital for a healthy body.

When it comes to maintaining weight many people find it hard to lose or gain their body weight.No matter how hard they exercise or what diet they take, their weight doesn’t change a bit. Well, technology has made this hectic task a bit easier.

KoreScale Gen2 Reviews – How Accurate Is This Body Scale Device At Measuring Muscle Mass & Body Liquids?

Here we have a KoreScale Gen2 device that’ll help you to put in an ideal body shape that is regarded as the most suitable & attractive for any person.  

You can simply get a full-fledged overview of your health. As traditionally you have to go to see a qualified doctor or practice regular weight loss methods but now you can just simply rely on KoreScale Gen2. After reading this KoreScale Gen2 review, you’ll be perfectly able for measuring all the vitals by using this device

Korescale Gen2 Reviews
Product NameKoreScale Gen2
ManufacturerKore Health
Display TypeLED
MaterialSleek Tempered glass design
BenefitsHelps to measure overall information about the body
Power Source TypeAAA Battery Powered
Main Features🔹4 High-precision metrics
🔹Tracks 13 key health metrics
🔹Tempered glass platform
🔹Hidden LED display
OperationEasy to Use App
PackagesAvailable in 1, 2, 3, and 4 KoreScale Gen2 packages
Weight 2.6 lb / 1.2kg
Price1x KoreScale Gen2 – $99.99
2x KoreScale Gen2 – $199.99
3x KoreScale Gen2 – $224.99
4x KoreScale Gen2 – $274.99
Money-Back Guarantee30 days
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is KoreScale Gen2 Electronic Body Scale Device?

KoreScale Gen2 is a smart & advanced scale that not only calculates your body weight but also measures fat, muscle mass, body water & bone mass.

Simultaneously it’ll also let you know about other bodily information such as basal metabolic rate, BMI, physical age, protein level, skeletal muscle, basal metabolic rate, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat & others.

Moreover, it also helps you with stabilizing your goals, monitoring your reports within a given period, and provides easy-to-read graphics with the help of the mobile app that is provided with the scale. The application keeps the user informed with its color-coded indicators.

What Features Make KeroScale Gen2 So Astonishing?

Since KeroScale Gen2 is a bio-metric smart scale. Hence, it does include its distinctive features which are listed below in this KoreScale Gen2 review.

🔸It features a Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology that estimates bodily compositions.

🔸The KoreScale Gen2 measures 10+ key health metrics.

🔸There is 4 AAA batteries power into it.

🔸It includes low battery and overload indicators.

🔸KoreScale is an overall smart scale biometric device that gives advanced & accurate reports precisely.

🔸You can choose the option to display the weight in kg and lbs according to your convenience.

🔸Personalized goals can be set through the mobile app to help you achieve your required body fitness.

🔸Whether you want to track your fitness weekly, monthly, or yearly, KoreScale Gen2 can provide you with readings for every time period.

🔸KoreScale Gen2 device supports multiple profiles: Not only you can measure your own fitness but everyone in your house is up to 8 people. So KoreScale Gen2 is for your family also.

KoreScale Gen2 Features

Thus, these features symbolized a clear picture of the product.

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KoreScale Gen2 Manufacturer

KoreScale Gen2 health tracker is a product of KoreHealth which is a renowned retail health recovery company based in Clifton, NJ. It has a wide range of fitness tools that are committed to bringing a revolution in the life of every person.

Their mission is to promote simple and effective tools which help in empowering everyone and taking necessary steps towards a healthy life.

How Does KoreScale Gen2 Work?

As KoreScale Gen2 is an advanced biometric scale. It has the most unique features given above in the KoreScale Gen2 reviews. Thus it also works differently. This KoreScale Gen2 works by using sensitive biometric sensors that inspect the human body’s essential metrics.

This process is being completed by reading out the electrical signals throughout the body. Furthermore, these signals are being read by biometric sensors which can calculate water weight, fat tissues, and other muscular issues.

Hence, through working on these steps this scale also measures the composition of your body. Then finally the data is automatically graphed & stored to make the reports along with diet plans accordingly.

Overall, the KoreScale Gen2 digital biometric scale is not only useful for weight loss but also for the ones who’d love to live a healthier life ahead. The KoreScale Gen2 health tracker is said to be very much more advanced than should be in every modern-day household.

KoreScale Gen2 Working

What Are The Advantages Of Using The Korescale Gen2?

There are multiple benefits of KoreScale Gen2. The KoreScale Gen2 reviews have given of them are mentioned below –

✅The KoreScale Gen2 is extremely easy to use and navigate.

✅There can be multiple logins at one time with different private results.

✅The KoreScale Gen2 can easily access the body’s BMI and further can plan accordingly.

✅It helps the person to stay focused and motivated at the same time.

✅The KoreScale Gen2 helps to lose some weight. As it helps you to gain weight in the required areas of your body.

✅It also gives a record of keeping track of your water weight as well.

KoreScale Gen2 Benefits

KoreScale Gen2 electronic body scale does perform a few special functions also which you won’t get in other products:

 🔹Weight: KoreScale Gen2 indicator is here to help you to shed your weight.

 🔹BMI: BMI is generally the height-to-weight ratio. Hence, the KoreScale Gen2 shows the accurate BMI, as per your body type.

 🔹Body Water: Body water is also very much important. Water is another good contribution to gaining weight in the human body. In that matter, the KoreScale Gen2 will show you the measurement and amount of water in the body.

🔹 Protein level: Having so much high and low-level protein levels can lead to weight gain. Thus, there should be balance in your protein diet per se. KoreScale Gen 2 device helps you to know about your protein level and maintain the same as well.

🔹Body fat: KoreScale Gen2 health tracker helps to measure the body fat & metabolism well. The food we eat in our day-to-day lives plays an important role in weight gain. In that case, the KoreScale Gen2 helps the person to have Shed their body weight and keep themselves healthy.

 🔹BMR: The BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is a symbol of energy level or how fast the body burns energy. Thus, a slow rate of BMR can be the reason for weight gain in the human body. Living a healthier & happier life is the first and foremost priority of a person, who loves modern civil society.

🔹Physical age: Unlike metabolic age, physical age is an important aspect of a person’s health status. Other than that, if a person takes good care of their heath then they get to live long, happy & healthier lives.

🔹Bone Mass: As there is no discrepancy in this that every individual being has their body structure. Thus, in that case, the KoreScale Gen2 biometric scale will identify if there is any kind of thick bone mass in your body specifically.

🔹Visceral fat: Another important indicator that addresses the level of fat in your overall internal organs.

KoreScale Gen2 Benefits

What Are The Pros & Cons Of KoreScale Gen2?

There are always some thick & thin in every aspect. Similarly, there is a list of pros and cons of this device based on some KoreScale Gen2 reviews –


✔️A full body checkup & report.

✔️Easy and accessible mobile application.

✔️Recommended by many doctors and athletes.

✔️Individual insights are also provided.

✔️Offers discounted prices on the official website of the product.


❌Discounted offers are available for a limited time period only.

❌This device is only available on the official website.

Is KoreScale Gen2 Legit Or Not?

Based on the research and the information available from KoreScale Gen2 reviews, the KoreScale Gen2 digital biometric scale is legit and has thousands of happy customers around the globe.

The most important factor that adds to this info is the availability of the application in the store. Anyone can download and improve their health with the help of the app provided with the device.

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KoreScale Gen2 Customer Reviews and Complaints

KoreScale Gen2 biometric sensor has got a very impressive consumer rating. They have a google rating of 4.8 which means that this device also got a huge range of consumers.

KoreScale Gen2 device is widely being sold/Purchased throughout the online platforms with an overwhelming response.

In fact, they are very much recognized in modern-day societies. People often love to use them in their day-to-day lives.

KoreScale Gen2 Customer Reviews

KoreScale Gen2 Pricing and Where to buy them?

Moving on to the further pricing and availability of the KoreScale Gen2. Interested consumers can make their purchase from the official manufacturing website for the product. They sell their product at a very vulnerable & genuine rate. It’s simply available online.

Although buying from the official website would ignore any sort of inconvenience & can also ensure the quality of a product.

A pack of smart biometric scales is just $99.99 only. Other than that, they also grant discount offers when you buy these devices in bulk. A list is given for the pricing availability of the product.

●       1x KoreScale Gen2: $99.99.

●       2x KoreScale Gen2: $199.99

●       3x KoreScale Gen2: $224.99

●        4x KoreScale Gen2: $274.99

Final Verdict – KoreScale Gen2 Reviews

In the 21st century, technology is what makes our lives easier. Overall, this KoreScale Gen2 electronic body scale can be said to have the best utilization of technology & resources.

They are specially designed to work this way. As they are here to keep a track of your fitness. KoreScale Gen2 device provides a piece of in-depth information.

Hence, the interested consumers can buy their product from an online website given in this KoreScale Gen2 review.

In fact, online is the best & better feasible platform to buy these such devices as currently a special discount of 50% is being given to the customers. This offer is for a limited period of time.

Click Here To Get The KoreScale Gen2 From The Official Website (30 Days Money Back Guarantee)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does KoreScale really work?

They really do. According to the consumer’s rating, they got 4.8 out of 5.0. Thus, this eventually proves that this KoreScale really works. Even if you were genuinely trying to shed some kgs and achieve great physical fitness then KoreScale really does well in that case.

Is KoreScale safe?

KoreScale Gen2 is a safe & effective product. This product is already tried & tested. There is also a wide range of positive consumer feedback. Which eventually makes this of utmost importance & safe itself. 

Does KoreScale Work with Fitbit?

Yes. It does work with Fitbit. As it can fit or can be paired with the other mobile health applications as well. All the body metrics can be tracked and weight loss goals can be set through apps as Google fit and Apple health along with Fitbit.

Are smart scales worth it?

These smart scales are worth a rough sort of framework of your body and are equipped with Biometric Impedance Technology. They display the number but genuinely a person should not rely totally upon them. Other than that, it can work as the most motivating tool for those who are working hard to lose weight.

How does KoreScale Gen2 measure body metrics?

KoreScale Gen2 is equipped with the most advanced biometric sensors which measure bodily functions through the electric current flowing in the body. So, every detail of your body can be measured accurately through this scale.


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